Torchlight Coming To XBLA As Part Of "Arcade House Party"

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#51 Posted by Grilledcheez (3952 posts) -

A competent looking poker game?  DOPE

#52 Posted by Palaeomerus (355 posts) -
@heatDrive88 said:
" I don't know about you guys, but I think Torchlight loses a lot of it's charm as soon as you remove the fact that you won't be going CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK "
I don't know about that. X-men legends, Marvel:Ultimate Alliance, Hunter:The Reckoning, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, Justice League Heroes, and Champions of Norrath, all turned out to be pretty fun. Hell, I even liked playing through Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel. The console version of diablo-games actually works pretty damned well. 
#53 Posted by heatDrive88 (2358 posts) -
@Palaeomerus:  I know, but that's part of the problem I think. I think as soon as you introduce a controller into the mix, it becomes a beat-em-up with RPG qualities.
On second thought, I think I just might be looking at the action-RPG genre a bit too hard through some rose-colored glasses because Diablo 1/2 was one of those games I extensively threw a lot of time into on the PC. I don't want to use the word 'purist' but thinking of action-RPG's without ruining mice with endless clicking makes me feel old, even if Diablo is just 14-15 years old.
#54 Posted by Portis (1287 posts) -

Beyond Good and Evil HD: SOLD!

#55 Posted by OldGuy (1566 posts) -

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the lede was buried. BG&E: HD. Yay!
Oh, and I'm confused by the clickyclickycliky things since I was all clicky-hold.

#56 Posted by cinemandrew (711 posts) -

I know it's probably unlikely, but it would seriously make my year if Torchlight on XBLA came with local/online co-op. I'm always on the lookout for new co-op games I can play with my wife, and this is right up our alley. We played the hell out of Champions of Norrath, Return to Arms, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Torchlight is arguably better than any of those. 
Either way, I'll still probably buy it and put another 100 or so hours into this amazing game. At least I know for sure I'll be able to play co-op in Torchlight 2.

#57 Posted by PillClinton (3291 posts) -

BG&E, Hard Corps, and Torchlight on XBLA: pretty much guaranteed purchases for me.  :)

#58 Posted by MisterMouse (3560 posts) -

pretty cool, wonder how they are going to map the buttons.

#59 Posted by Pabba (370 posts) -

So freakin' excited for this. Loved Diablo, but never got much further with PC gaming. Glad to hear it'll be on XBLA!
#60 Posted by lokey013 (109 posts) -

Awesome to hear about this game....I loved Dark Alliance and so yeah.....totally welcome!!! 
Welcome I SAY!!!
#61 Posted by mrburger (100 posts) -

Little bummed about the lack of a second weapon set.  But not as totally UN-bummed as I am about there being Torchlight on XBLA at all!  FUCK yeah!

#62 Posted by BaneFireLord (2949 posts) -

Torchlight for 360? HELLLLLLLLLLL YEAAAH!

#63 Posted by Phog_of_War (215 posts) -

What about the mods?  The mods are what truly make the game as close to perfect as possible IMO.  Some of the bullshit Enchanters and the amount you get for selling items are just pain set wrong.  Downloadable mods change all that.  And 3 classes??  Have fun XBLA guys, I have like 10 or so on my PC, not the mention 15 different pets. 
That is not to say that even vanilla Torchlight is not good.  Its a great Diablo-esqe, loot-storm, in a sort of cartoony, Team Fortress 2 kind of way.  And I would give my left pinkie to Runic if they would add in co-op play but seeing as they are well on their way to releasing Torchlight 2, I will just have to hold on to my pinkie and wait for the co-op in that.
#64 Posted by Driadon (3000 posts) -
@Nadafinga said:
" @Bucketdeth said:
" @Nadafinga said:
" Really disappointed there's no PSN version, when they had explicitly said they were working on it. "
God fucking damnit, I wanted this on PSN so bad. "
It still might happen, I'm holding out hope. "
They're going to need a new publisher for that one, as Microsoft is filling that role for the 360 release
#65 Posted by nick_verissimo (1390 posts) -

Definitely getting torchlight. I'm sick of playing it on my crappy laptop.

#66 Posted by jakob187 (21690 posts) -

I want ALL of those games.  However, I just don't see how Bejeweled Blitz will work on a console.  That game is all about crazy speed, and from what I played of the Facebook version (and I played a LOT of the Facebook version), I just don't think that'll turn out well. 

#67 Posted by Daveyo520 (6858 posts) -

Awww yeah.

#68 Posted by RecSpec (3849 posts) -

Fuck yes, Poker Game....

#69 Posted by Raakill (870 posts) -

Come on Runic,  patch in the controller support for the pc version.

#70 Posted by Zohar (116 posts) -

I'm excited this is coming  to console.  It sounds like they are doing a good job of making it control well.  Sadly, after the main "quest" there really isn't much to do.  This is where mods came in on the PC version.  I had more fun making mods/NPCs with the TorchEd program then I did playing the game.

#71 Posted by Kayrack (299 posts) -

wheres torchlight 2? i am getting really pumped for torchlight 2 but man its been long

#72 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2712 posts) -

Torchlight just seems like that kinda game needed to be played on PC. 
#73 Posted by captain_clayman (3325 posts) -

good for xbox owners. 
though it doesnt take much to run torchlight.

#74 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1863 posts) -

YES! I've been waiting for ages to get this on Live.

#75 Posted by StingerMK2 (386 posts) -

been playin BG&E on the PC recently, it still looks beautiful so im sure it'll hold up fine, if its 800msp ill probably pick it up again, if not ill wait for it to be a deal, having already technically owned 2 copies of the game im in no rush to play it again,  
other than that im not massively fussed about buying anything else, i already own torchlight, and never been a fan of contra style games, might give the poker game a quick gander, no one seems to be playing the texas hold em' game anymore, used to have a alot of fun shooting the shit with random people on that back when it was newly out

#76 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

some good games coming in feburary for 360, shame the january schedule isnt nearly as good

#77 Posted by BBQBram (2256 posts) -

Torchlight I'm not so sure about, seems like it wouldn't be the same without the pointing and clicking. But Beyond Good & Evil in HD? Finally I'll get to play this supposed critical darling!

#78 Posted by Zlimness (559 posts) -

I don't see how will any problem porting Torchlight to a gamepad. It will be like Dark Alliance. The inventory system is the only thing that would feel clunky with a controller. They would have to modify the interface I guess.
Shame it's Torchlight though. Not bringing over Torchlight II when that game is supposed to be done soon, is a missed opportunity. Multiplayer would have been so nice.

#79 Posted by dox (110 posts) -

 I would love to play Torchlight on the Xbox but only if it has local co-op.  I guess I will have to wait for the Torchlight 2 XBLA release.    

#80 Posted by ProfessorK (825 posts) -

I'm sorry, but am i the only one that noticed Full House Poker? Does this mean i get to play as Danny Tanner and do I have to listen to Uncle Joey make Popeye impersonations as we sit at the table?

#81 Posted by BadNews (547 posts) -
@heatDrive88: Fun fact, you can actually hold down the left mouse button on an enemy and as long as you hold it down your character auto targets them. All that clicking they did in the quicklook was because they didn't know you could do that.
#82 Posted by heatDrive88 (2358 posts) -
@BadNews:  I know about that, but that's assuming just one target. You still have to click again to target another enemy... right?
#83 Posted by floodiastus (1262 posts) -

If torchlight puts coop in there as well, this could be the best arcade game of this year, if not it will fail a little I am sure. To compete with Dark Alliance or Champions of Norrath it really needs coop.

#84 Posted by bitcloud (646 posts) -
@sammo21: Not exclusive.
#85 Edited by Sammo21 (3353 posts) -
@bitcloud: You are mistaken, but you can look at the link I posted above for proof...from the developer's mouth.  Also, Microsoft publishing the game locks it down.  #SorryToBurstLeBubble
For more examples of this in the wild, see Bioware and why they are doing ME1 as a digital comic in Mass Effect 2 for PS3.  Here's a hint, its not bigger than a breadbox and it sounds like "Microsoft published the title on 360 so it can't come to Ps3".
#86 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1556 posts) -

Played Torchlight and I think is a nice game.  I think it will do fine on XBL.
#87 Edited by xyzygy (10028 posts) -

I can't wait to try this game out, I've heard so many good things. Microsoft publishing it is surprising too, maybe this will lead to future publishing endeavors from Runic and MS. 
@RsistncE said: 

" I'm pretty confident that MS will charge more for Torchlight on XBLA than Valve does on Steam. SO happy that I cancelled that fraud service known as Live. "

I hope you know that you don't need to have a Gold account in order to buy games on XBLA. Cancelling your Gold is irrelevant to how much Microsoft will charge for it -_-    
#88 Posted by RsistncE (4496 posts) -
@xyzygy said:
" I can't wait to try this game out, I've heard so many good things. Microsoft publishing it is surprising too, maybe this will lead to future publishing endeavors from Runic and MS. 
@RsistncE said: 

" I'm pretty confident that MS will charge more for Torchlight on XBLA than Valve does on Steam. SO happy that I cancelled that fraud service known as Live. "

I hope you know that you don't need to have a Gold account in order to buy games on XBLA. Cancelling your Gold is irrelevant to how much Microsoft will charge for it -_-     "
I think you missed my point and that was that Xbox Live all together is a fucking scam and I refuse to support it. I was just pointing out that Live is such a scam that they can't even offer games at the same price or cheaper than other places to their "subscribers".
#89 Posted by SpenceKratos (23 posts) -
@Teaspoon83 said:
" If they make Torchlight coop, I will definitely buy this game AGAIN for them. "
most definitely

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