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Torchlight Review 1

Torchlight is a hack and slash RPG from Runic Games for the PC. You will get to choose one of three different character types and then explore the town of Torchlight, and the very, very deep dungeon that sits beneath the quiet town. You will take on quests, have a trusty pet to travel with, slay enemies of all shapes and sizes, collect armor and weapons to use on your character, and of course customize your characters skills and stats.Graphically this game looks great. Sure the character models ...

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Torchlight (aka Better Than Diablo) 0

Torchlight, created by Runic Studios, is a dungeon crawling action game much like Diablo (developed by Blizzard). This should come as no surprise to those who have followed the careers of the developers as they moved from Blizzard and created (the inevitably doomed) Flagship Studios, creaters of the also great Hellgate: London game (also for PC).  The game Torchlight takes place (coincidentally) in the town of Torchlight where the magical "Ember" flowing in the mines below the town has become co...

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I need some loot, duder. 2

 Action RPGs in the vein of Diablo are missing on the console side. We got a few entries last generation with Baldur’s Gate and Champions of Norrath. Aside from Arkadian Warriors and Sacred 2 the genre has been off the grid on Xbox 360. Now some of the minds that brought you Diablo, Runic Games, have ported their 2009 surprise gem to XBLA. If you found your way to this review, you’re probably aware that the PC centric title is the current poster child for dungeon crawlers. Not to bring up Diablo...

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A classic Diablo style loot gind 0

  There is no denying Torchlight’s lineage, developed by member of Diablo’s original team, Torchlight takes the classic gameplay of Diablo and doesn’t mess with it. It is a small utterly addicting game and one of the best values of the year. The narrative begins simply enough, the mining town of Torchlight has come under the sway of dark forces; the magic ember uncovered deep in the earth has tainted the mines, unleashing untold evil. A single enormously deep, randomly generated dungeon and a si...

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Torchlight: a remarkable value 0

 Torchlight has been a surprise hit for me, I honestly hadn't heard of the game up until a month ago until hearing about it from my favourite gaming podcasts. Torchlight is a evolution of the Action RPG formula that Diablo perfect in the 90s, and could be considered a indirect sequel because its heritage is Diablo, even the score is from Diablo composer Matt Uelmen. Torchlight's developer Runic Games is a small development company founded  by Travis Baldree of Fate (of which the game borrows som...

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Torchlight Review 0

Torchlight is a simple hack 'n' slash game.  Simply put; you wander around dungeons smiting various creatures with spell, bow or blade.  The concept is really nothing new, but it is easy to get into.  This game is great for picking up and leaving off; blast a few enemies and come back later, or truck on for several floors.  There are many possible levels you can go through other than the story levels, and they are randomized.There are five difficulty levels which means all levels of gamers will ...

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Fizzles Out Too Soon 0

 If you're expecting more than three character playthroughs for Torchlight, you should probably invest your gaming dollar and time elsewhere. While Torchlight mimic's the near endless replayability of Diablo II, a seasoned gamer will quickly see how thin the meat is on Torchlight's bones.  The way it scales difficulty is uninteresting and boring.  Although the game seems to have good reason to play through again, once you discover what makes Torchlight tick you'll be on to the next game.  ...

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Maybe the best Diablo clone ever, both for better and worse 1

 Torchlight is nothing short of Diablo run wild. It takes the best parts of the most celebrated action RPG ever made, makes everything easily accessible, and compiles it into a colorful world to make Torchlight one of the genuine surprises of 2009 and a game PC fans can't help but squeal with delight. Unfortunately for Torchlight this euphoria is fleeting since once the initial joy wears off there isn't much to keep people coming back unless they're totally in love with the mindless click a...

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Can Torchlight Illuminate Diablo's World of Darkness? 0

  Fans of PC action-RPGs are likely already familiar with the latest Diablo. After all, it was just released a couple months ago. Before you call me all sorts of four letter words for being wrong, I'll have you know that the most recent Diablo release is not Diablo 3. In fact, it doesn't even use the Diablo name. Instead, it falls under a new moniker: Torchlight. Okay, so while Torchlight isn't a true Diablo 2 successor, it does take inspiration from the series and was produced by a number of de...

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This Tourch Needs More Oil 0

For years have the horde of fans of the  hack-and-slash genre begged, and demanded a sequel to Diablo 2.While the sequel is in the works, you might want to check out this homage to the popular series.  Story Tourchlight focuses heavily on the gameplay, and that shows in the waterwash storyline.This makes the experience only dependable of your hunger for killing of endless hordes  of enemies.That doesn't  kill the enjoyment, but a some sort of main quest, besides the straight-forward one already ...

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Torchlight 0

Torchlight is an action RPG by Runic Games. If you enjoyed Diablo 2 you will love this game. The trend of the game plays exactly like Diablo 2 with updated graphics. It even has the Scrolls of Identity and Town Portal like the Diablo series. That being said, this game is insanely fun and an absolute blast to play. The gameplay mechanic is a lot of fun. You travel through dungeons while completing quests for the townsfolk. While going through the dungeons you fight an array of monsters. ...

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Very fun, addicting, and did I mention the loot? 0

  Amazing game?  I'd say so.     I've been playing RPGs for a while now, and few have interested me like this game has.  I'm usually a fan of grittier, more dark styled games, but the art style in this game is very well done, though cartoonish.  There are only three classes, and it lacks mulitplayer, which may be the only major downfalls. Let's go in depth into some of the different things that Torchlight offers.  Loot.  Oh yes.      A very wide selection of weapons and armor keeps things intere...

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Torchlight Review: Click the Night Away 0

Torchlight Review: Click the Night AwayIt's been about 6 months since Torchlight was released, and yet I am STILL playing this game using different classes, ratcheting up to harder difficulties, and using different skill trees.Torchlight is created by Runic Games. The team contains some of the original creators of Diablo from that company that has something to do with a very windy and heavy snow storm. Once you play the demo of Torchlight you'll see where it's inspirations and mechanics derive f...

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Torchmight 0

  If you like Diablo 2 then stop reading this right now and go and buy Torchlight, seriously. If you liked that game this one will appeal to you on a nostalgic level as well as with all the awesomeness I will soon outline in the following passages. Alternatively if you tried, and hated, Diablo 2 then  I suggest you don’t buy it. The gameplay is very much and evolution of that game in some ways that are genius but ultimately it’s the same type of game. Torchlight from the outset makes...

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Torchlight 0

  It would be entirely unfair to not preface this review with the fact that one of my favorite game series is Diablo. When Diablo first came out I was play ing Command & Conquer and X-COM exclusively, partially because they were what I preferred but also because of ignorance to video games as a whole. Then on a faithful day sometime late in my junior year of high school a friend handed me a burned CD with the word “Diablo” written on it (I have since purchased the Diablo Bat...

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Wonderfully Addictive Gameplay 0

I played Diablo, but it didn't consume me. When Torchlight was released late in 2009 the art style pulled me in, but I didn't understand the gameplay from the videos. I downloaded the demo, played two levels of the dungeon and knew this was going to be something fun!  I'm writing this review after having just beat the final boss with my first character, and immediately continued to play. Playing after I've beaten the game is a litmus test of quality for me, and in the last few years the only ot...

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Lets Get Torched 0

  Torchlight is an Action top-down Diablo-like RPG from Runic Games. Being a huge Diablo fan, I decided to finally pick this game up when it became available for 10 bucks on Steam.              Torchlight has 3 available classes (Mage, Ranger, and Warrior) with 3 different arch types for each class to skill into using a World of Warcraft-like talent system. The Mage is a primary caster, specializing in Arcane, Summoning and Lore and Battle, which is similar to the M...

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Torchlight Review 0

  Love this game, loot system, and the pet interaction is an awesome feature.  The only think missing is a multi-player feature, if it had that it would be even more amazing. Reminded me so much of why I could play Diablo 2 into the early morning hours lol. If you loved the diablo series then this is right up you're alley....

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Runic's Diablo "overhaul" is a surprisingly well done clone 0

In a time and age where every good game concept known to man has been remade countless times with good success, it has always eluded me why nobody dared to plagiarize the classic Diablo franchise. With the last entry in the series appearing in 2001, there should have been plenty of time to work on a sequel that's at least as awesome as Lord of Destruction was. Remember that one? It was still great in 2004, and will always be in my heart for it's insane replay value, but the game hasn't aged ...

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If you like Diablo, you will like Torchlight 0

Diablo is perhaps my favorite game of all time.  Torchlight is so similar, it is hard not to like it.  I have played it for about 5 hours and I am having a great time.  The game plays great on my lower end PC.  On the second to hardest difficulty, this game still feals easy and my charater could over power all foes.  For most players, the top difficulty setting is the way to go.  All three charaters play so similarly, it is just a matter of fighting preference.  Considering the $20 price point -...

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Brings cheap fun for a cheap price. But that's as far as it goes 0

PROS:-Just like all the Action RPG's, Torchlight is an addictive and entertaining game. - Somehow charming visuals.- good duration between level-ups. - Different and fun to use Classes.- Some very neat skills. - Good and suitable length. game finishes before it gets very boring and Repetitive. (of course the game has a lot to offer for people who are willing to continue the game after finishing the main storyline.) - Some Nice music tracks. especially the torchlight town's music.- Enchanting ite...

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A wonderful, simple, and possibly addicting game 0

 Torchlight is a new entry into the Diablo-style hack'n'slash genre of games. While it may seem derivitave, it bears mentioning that some of the team behind this game also worked on the actual Diablo games, and one of them is the guy behind Fate. Customization: Not much here to start with--three class archetypes to choose from (melee, ranged, or mage). Each character has their own brief backstory. I played as the melee class; my wife is playing as the ranged class, which involves both...

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Seriously, I had a pet Troll. 0

I'm ready for some Diablo-ass Diablo game playing, are you?Man, this has been long overdue, but I don't even give a shit. This game is fucking great.AlchemistDestroyerVanquisherRemember when there was only like two or three classes you could choose between in your dungeon crawlers? Not like your WoW's or your Free Realms, or whatthefuckever, you had three classes. Mage, Warrior, and Rogue basically. Some dude with magicks, dude with big-ass sword, and lady with arrows. Well, parts of your nostal...

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Lot's of fun 0

There is something very addicting on going through piles of loot while looking for the next best item. This was of course properly introduced to us all with the fabulous Diablo games. Runic Games have taken the same formula and perfected it even further. And added virtual pet! Torchlight was first released as a downloadable game first which made me miss the game completely. Year later thanks to various recommendations from the nice GB people and community it finally found its way here. Occurren...

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Repetition has never been so fun 0

If you are longing for the days past of killing mindless hordes of enemies in your bedroom at 2:00 am then Torchlight is here to scratch your itch. This is by no means a ground breaking game, focusing primarily on the tried and true mechanics of the dungeon crawlers of yesteryear. The beauty of Torchlight is in its simplicity and focus. The game does not throw complex enemies at you and it does not try to over burden you with strategy. What it does instead is give you a bounty of loot to sort th...

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Torchlight (XBLA) Review 0

To read my PC review of Torchlight for comparison or as a companion, go hereIf you’re returning or just coming into Torchlight for the first time, enjoy your stay – you’ll be here awhile. Torchlight for the Xbox Live Arcade is an in-depth, addictive, action RPG that you haven’t seen since the likes of Diablo. And for good reason, Runic Games was formed by Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer – the original creators of Diablo.Before you begin your journey, you start at the character creation screen. N...

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Solid but soulless 0

In high school my gamer friends were divided into two camps, the ones that were crazy about Baldur's Gate and the ones obsessed with Diablo. I fell into the former category. When Torchlight came out of nowhere from the former developers of Diablo 2, I felt as if though the gaming world had given me a second shot at checking out what I missed out on all those years ago. I therefore bought it from Steam at the very fair price of $20.  Now to say that Torchlight follows the Diablo formula is an und...

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A Wonderful Game With A Lot Of Technical Problems 0

Torchlight, originally released in 2009, was a surprise PC hit from a small development team consisting of some of the guys that developed the two Diablo games.  Due to it's success, the game has now been ported to the Xbox by way of the Xbox Live Arcade.  Despite a myriad of technical problems, Torchlight is a wonderful throwback to older action RPGs and well worth the $15 price point for loot-whores like myself. Torchlight tells the story of the town of Torchlight and a villain who threatens i...

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Torchlight XBLA Review 0

I’m primarily a console gamer—I don’t often indulge in the world of PC gaming. Torchlight is one of the many PC games I’ve never enjoyed and the 2009 title has finally made its transition to console with its release on XBOX Live Arcade. Since I’ve never played the PC version, I can’t really comment on the differences between the versions, but I will say that it’s a game that works very well with a controller.Set in the town of Torchlight, and the mines below it, Torchlight’s story puts you in th...

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