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Torin Namaste is a sim in the console version of The Sims 2. He lives with his two roommates, Farah Moonbiscuit and Timmy Toole. Torin is first introduced at Shoreline Trails. He is a mean and nasty sim, according to what a platinum want says in its summary.

He is considered a level boss, as he must be defeated at Foosball in order to move on. The Tournament Foosball Table must be bought and the player must then Practice Foosball. Once the player has practiced Foosball, they must call Torin over and challenge him. The player wins depending on the body skill of their sim, and if they win they unlock Cliffside Retreat.

Your sim will get the goal "Become Enemies with Torin", and after this goal is achieved it will be hard for him to accept an apology. Torin has a -2 relationship with Timmy at the start of the game while he has a +22 relationship with Farah. Namaste is a greeting in many Indian languages, which may suggest he's of Indian descent.

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