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Jak II

In Jak II, Torn frequently sends Jak on missions to uncover information on the city, the Metal Heads, and Baron Praxis, telling Jak and Daxter that these missions are both help to the Underground's cause and prerequisites to meeting the Shadow. Torn later ends up selling the Underground out after being threatened by Praxis to kill Ashelin, his girlfriend, who is also an Underground spy and the daughter of the Baron. As an ex-Krimson Guard of high authority he has witnessed the Baron's evil deeds but after many battles he saw the flaws in the Baron's ways and sought out a way to remove him from his position of Baron. In leaving the Krimson Guards, Torn was approached by the Shadow, Leader of the Underground, A resistence against the Baron and his tyrannical ways. Torn became the Shadow's right hand man and is the main coordinater for the movement. Jak first meets Torn after Kor suggests that he goes to them for help after escaping from the Baron's Prison with Daxter.

Jak 3

In Jak 3, Torn is now leader of the force that replaced Haven City's Krimson Guards, the 'Freedom Fighters'. They now wear blue armour and are seen wandering around the city in various places. After the Baron was defeated and the young Samos took The child Jak through the Rift, Torn was left to coordinate the movement alone with Ashelin and Tess. When Jak returns from the Wasteland to Haven City, he and Daxter both go to the Naughty Ottsel only to find that the bar has been turned into a makeshift base for the Freedom fighters. Torn helps Jak later in the game as a source of information on the new Krimzon Guard forces. He is also around when Jak and Daxter must save the port from the attack of Metal Heads and Krimzon Guards.

Jak X: Combat Racing

One of the racers in Jak X, he also was one of the people who were poisoned.

Torn is voiced by actor Cutter Garcia (credited as Cutter Mitchell in Jak II, Jak 3, Jak X.)

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