Yeah, definitely not your dad's Toshinden.

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There was a thread about this game not too long ago in General Discussion, but for those that haven't heard, Takara Tomy is resurrecting the Toshinden franchise and are pretty much doing away with everything that defined the old games, including the original characters.  Innstead of a straight fighting game ala Soul Calibur, it looks like they're injecting a little bit of Smash Bros. or Power Stone into the mix with free movement in the arenas and collecting items that appear on the field:

And for those that don't remember what the old games were like, here's some video of Battle Arena Toshinden 4:
  Ah, the days of slow-as-molasses jumping physics.

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Battle Arena Toshinden 4 does not represent the series, at all. I do believe it was a different developer. This new game looks like Castlevania Judgement. No- thats not a good thing.
If this game has Ten Count in it then I'll buy a Wii just for it.

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