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Total Mayhem is a 3rd Person, three-quarter perspective shooting game that allows you to control up to six armed mercenaries through twenty separate missions that have several different sub-directives that pad out the gameplay.  The marines have the ability send in scouts, use decoys and post sentries. The game has two multi-player options, which include Deathmatch, where players, limited either by time or a number of kills, run around blasting at will at anyone and anything and Capture The Flag, where teams of players try to steal the other teams Flag.
Total Mayhem had mixed reviews. Good reviews commented on it's "crisp graphics" and that "the colors are bright, the action is clear, the action is clear and the explosions and gunfire are big and loud" while the mediocre to bad reviews stated that  "...the action itself, when it does occur, is curiously uninvolving" and that  "...the whole thing degenerates into a fairly aimless shooting session." The game sold so poorly that it faded into obscurity.

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