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Total Miner is an indie game developed and published by Greenstone Games for the Xbox Live Indie Games platform.
The Current price is 240msp on the marketplace, updates are free and come along every few months, usually adding multiple new features and bug Fixes.
There are currently 2 Main modes.. Dig Deep, and Creation.
Dig Deep
Dig deep is sort of a survival mode, depending on the difficulty, the Player will spawn with a wooden pick 2 obsidian blocks and a few gold coins, there will be 2 shop blocks next to the spawn point. One sells tools and items, the other sells Blocks, these can be mined and placed elsewhere at any time.
If Played on a highest difficulty, the player will spawn with nothing, no shops, no pick.. and no on-screen map or compass
Creative Mode
As the name suggests.. Creative mode is all about building stuff, Shopes will give any block or item in an infinite amount, for no charge. Players can fly in creative mode and have different options when creating a world, such as terrain material, shape and size of the map, and lots of other stuff.

The most noticable difference between Total Miner, and Minecraft.. is Total Miner mainly focus' on the vertical aspect of the game. Map depth goes down over 2000 blocks, with multiple layers of different material making up that.
Some examples of the layers would be Dirt, Clay, sandstone, Basalt, Dacite, Marble, Tuff, etc etc.
The different layers require different tools to mine, different tools can only be aquired by finding the blueprint for them.. which can be found by following the on-screen compass, this makes finding new blueprints quite a challenge on Hardcore difficulty.  
Crafting is very simple, once the player finds an items blueprint, he/she can then craft it using a crafting table, finding a blueprint also unlocks the item in the shop, should the player prefer to buy it instead of making it.
Using a Furnace, the player can convert many different blocks into different blocks or items.
Some examples of this are as follows. 

Sand = Glass
Diamond Ore = Diamond gem
Gold Ore = Gold ingot
Iron Ore = Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot + Carbon Block = Steel Ingot
There are many recipes, some are more complex than others, such as Making steel and Titanium Carbide.
Food can also be cooked in the Furnace.
The player can also Create or join a multiplayer game throught the main menu, there are options when hosting a Game to give, and take away player permissions, so if you have something you don't want people to destroy you can give them fewer permissions to reduce the chance of them destroying anything, using tnt, flooding etc.
to be continued..



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