Iceni faction revealed

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“Iron, conquest, pride.”

An Iron Age tribe of southern Britain, the Iceni are a proud and fierce people. They inhabit the flatlands, marshes and fens that border the North Sea, south of the Wash. They are practiced raiders, and frequently engage in battle with their tribal neighbours, the Coritani and Atrebates.

Total War: Rome II - Iceni Faction - Total War Wiki

Nice pants!

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I played every Total War game through Medieval II like a religion. My single proudest achievements were two different games in Rome, the first of which was with Britannia. I lost my mainland European territories early on after a slog of a war against Gaul, and decided to get it all back in a big way. For decades I built up my economy (which, as a tribal society, involved teaching people how to not sleep in their own filth and whatnot) and created the absolute maximum breakeven point in terms of army size and gold influx. Then I hit Gaul with everything. Took three provinces in one turn, two more in the next three. In ten turns I had wiped them out. I then closed the game and haven't played unmodded Rome since.

tl;dr The Brits are badass.

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That hair now makes me understand that those dudes on Jersey Shore must be descendants of those guys.

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I really want to see if they bring back head hurlers for the Iceni! That would be sick! Also I love how they are trying to be more historically accurate with the factions while being faithful to the looks of the factions from the last Rome. The Iceni tribesmen look like high res versions of the Britannia soldiers. Seriously the hair looked the same from the last game!

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Great hair, shit motto.

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