More gameplay footage (10 minutes)

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The chaps over at Gamespot UK have sat down with Creative Assembly to take a look at some Pre-Alpha footage of the game, despite the early build it still looks amazing so it'll be interesting to see what they'll come up with when the game releases at around the second half of 2013. Some key points:

  • Naval and land battles can take place simultaneously.
  • More dynamic camera options for a more dramatic shots.
  • Much larger scale battles in comparison to previous titles.
  • More drama on a micro scale (emotional interaction between soldiers, facial animation, etc.)
  • Overhead tactical view of the battlefield.
  • Cities have more capture points as opposed to one plaza to be captured.
  • Large, heavily detailed cities and battlefields
  • Minimum specs are aimed at about the same as Shogun II.
  • "40% bigger" Whatever that really means.
  • Lots of Romans speaking in British accents.
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I want this SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!! The Overview map was probably the one point of the game where I went "OH SHIT!" out of excitement! There were overview maps in Rome I, but were much smaller than this was. Oh and I love how they're are multiple capture points in a city now rather than one, it will add more pressure for players to win the battle. Everything about the game looks promising! I do want to see more emotions off the units though, but again CA has plenty of time to truly show off that in their next game.  
@eroticfishcake: After we're done looking at Carthage, which famous Roman battle do you want CA to display next? I want the Battle of Teutoburg Forestto be displayed!

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Looks stunningly beautiful, so lifelike soldiers. Really cant wait for this, great detail and animations.

Glad i still have to play Medieval II, it'll keep me busy till this.

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A 40% bigger budget. I know what that means. It means they have a bigger budget than any of the previous games. Because he said so in the video you linked.

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Looks stunning, but I had so many technical problems with Shogun 2 months and months after release that I won't let myself get excited. And the whole DX11 thing.

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