New Rome II trailer shows Hannibal and campaign strategies

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The latest trailer for Total War: Rome II just came out and it gives the player a good idea of all the multiple ways they can defeat an enemy in the campaign. The trailer is set in the second Punic War and it has all these Roman senators meeting in Rome wondering where that old Hannibal of the Carthaginians is at. They make all these assumptions saying that he's either setting sail to attack one of the Roman ports or elsewhere foraging alliances with other Roman foes. It also shows how weather might have an impact on how your army is going to fight, kind of like Company of Heroes 2. I was hoping they would show off how the player can win the campaign mode by claiming a cultural and economic victory, which is a first in a Total War game. However, this trailer definitely makes the campaign look more interesting and here it is:

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Though one question, did Carthaginians and Romans where hoods back than?

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I've dabbled in some Shogun 2, and it was alright, but holy shit that was an intense trailer.

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Rome 2 discussion on Giantbomb? Fantastic. Really looking forward to this, only about a month to go! I got to say, i love the intensity of the voice actors they've grabbed for all their trailers so far.

edit: And hoods are hardly a modern innovation, a fair amount of greek and roman art depicted hunters with hoods.

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Gonna watch this when I can. Now that this game is coming out I kinda wish whyareyoucrouchingspock was here to rave about it

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So, so glad I already have this pre-ordered.

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My body is ready. I'm not so sure about my rig.

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