Which mod are you most excited for?

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#1 Posted by Universalize (197 posts) -

Roma Surrectum most definitely because the 2nd one is undisputed when it comes to RTW mods

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#2 Posted by Aristides (91 posts) -

I used to be a (very very small) part of the Rome: Total Realism mod team, I wonder if there's any chance in hell of the people who put that together coming back for another RTR.

RTR expanded the map almost twice its original size and strove (with mixed success) to make the game more historically accurate.

Either way I am totally excited about a new Rome! :D

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#3 Posted by falling_fast (2905 posts) -

Europa Barbarorum. probably my favourite mod ever.

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#4 Posted by Forderz (295 posts) -

I hope they allow for mods of the scope and complexity of RTR or EB. I haven't played any of their games after Medival II, and the things I hear from Shogun II and Empire are not comforting.

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#5 Posted by Universalize (197 posts) -

@Forderz: i wonder why they chose to no longer support modability in their newer total wars?

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#6 Posted by Universalize (197 posts) -

okay so TWR2 looks great for a hollywood game but compared to Roma Surrectum II's historical accuracy and great detail it lacks severely. too bad kinda looks like CA will continue to follow the lack of modability for their games

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#7 Posted by Hewitt (102 posts) -


To sell DLC. What good is it to sell new factions or even time periods when a modder can do it, and give you it for free.

All we can expect, modding-wise, from this game is what Darth did with Darth Mod (go to twcenter and check it out if you wanna know more). There were a few other 'big' mods, too, but a lot of them got abandoned. Every patch that was released by CA broke something in almost every mod, can't blame them for giving up.

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#8 Posted by Universalize (197 posts) -

@hewitt: yeah i'm aware of darth pretty much a mod released for every tw game and their expansions

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#9 Posted by Hewitt (102 posts) -


The one and the same. He said something about the new Finale version of his Shogun mod being his last Total War mod. I don't know if he was talking about the franchise itself or just the Shogun series, though. Either way that man does good work with what he has.

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#10 Edited by capt_ventris (656 posts) -



UPDATE: They are having a Mod summit in September!!!!

A bit late but I actually got to ask the devs at PAX Aus about modding for RTW 2.

They said they have put a lot more work into the toolset for modders and have been working at better Steam Workshop integration. Also there is meant to be an event for modders later this month. So here is hoping RTW 2 is the most mod friendly of the Total War series.

Oh and I really hope DarthMod comes out of retirement again to work his awesome magic

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#11 Posted by Hewitt (102 posts) -


Dude! If that's true I'm gonna be a happy f****** panda! If it's anywhere near as open as Medieval 2 (Stainless Steel mod was awesome) then we should get some good stuff :)

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#12 Edited by Universalize (197 posts) -

@capt_ventris: crap sorry for the mega late reply, but damn if that is true i really hope it will be as mod friendly as Medieval II.

but in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RHQYKv2SRk he mentions that it would be more similar to Shogun II modding which would be a big bummer, i really dont know why CA started in that type of route

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#13 Edited by maccyd (88 posts) -

More fantasy mods ala Third Age: Total War!

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#14 Edited by capt_ventris (656 posts) -

@universalize: I remember that they said the complexity of the game engine they used significantly increased from Empire on. It kind of showed to, they did not really have a full handle on their own engine till 6 months after release!

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#16 Posted by buckybit (1517 posts) -

Even as a fan of Rome 2 as it is - unlike many others - I would say the game atm, is in such a fragile, volatile stage, has so many complex systems running underneath, that any mod will have a hard time 'changing' things.

You have to first understand what you are dealing with, before having an idea what you want to change ... and more importantly why? And only THEN can you actually try to? But, no doubt, the TW modders are some of the most experienced and dedicated around. I am interested to see, what they can do - even if it will take 2-3 years.

I would love to see a Crusader Kings 2 Mod for TW Rome 2! Some of the game logic and mechanics already in Rome 2 (champions, spies, assassination, marriage, etc) fleshed out in full throttle, CK2 style, on the campaign map. I would play that. As much as I love CK2, the Excel spreadsheet roots of that type of game, going back to the 1980s, is kind of hard to deal with, as I grow older ... and my life drains out. I am tired of having to read through endless rows of stats (in many games), before I can make my moves.

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