Anyone played this so far?

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Hey guys!

Just bought this game, only played it for a couple for hours, seems a very good expansion, I really didn't like rise of the samurai, that game felt so slow compared to the core game.

This however seems more streamlined, and the MP community are very friendly, though a bit unbalanced.

How are you guys enjoying it so far?

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Also, why haven't they introduced more than 2 player co op on the campaign? I have two friends who play this series reguarly, and we have to switch around to play with each other (yes that sounded dirty)

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Not a very popular game at least here on Giantbomb it seems. I just bought it on Steam after havign seen a bunch of youtube videos of the naval combat. I've always wanted more modern stuff in the Total War games. Napoleon had a couple of steam ships, but this game has some more interesting ships that has a bit more strategy than the sail up beside the other ship and blast all your guns strategy from earlier time periods. And the Gatlin gun looks awesome. This is likely as modern as the Total War series is ever going to get, even if I would love some turn of the century full steel battleship combat I think these ironclads is as close as we'll get.

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