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So I've recently started playing Shogun 2 with a friend on campaign, does anyone experience issues along the lines of it's your co-op partners  turn but really its your turn and you cant do jack, or when your partner initiates a battle and you cant pick battle or auto. We've been coming up with these kind of bugs constantly and we can't really thoroughly enjoy the game because of bugs like this. Is this something that is happening with you guys? Just really frustrated guys because we want to conquer the Japan. Thanks for any input :)

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Co-op campaign is buggy as shit, too bad because it's really fun.

#3 Posted by Ultramar (62 posts) -

Are the devs working at all to fix the bugs? >_>

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@Ultramar said:
Are the devs working at all to fix the bugs? >_>
Don't hold your breath, CA has a rather bad history when it comes to patching their older games. We'd be lucky if we ever see another patch for Shogun 2.
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Man that's such a bummer. Me and my friend were having a grand ol' time :(

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