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James Silva started Totally Screwed Software with a beta game known as Zombie Smash.  This was later renamed to Zombie Smashers X and started a comically epic blood thirst for old fashioned side scrolling brawlers.  The graphics were hand drawn but meshed well and the intense gore and action for its time, were well above what was usually found in a title sized within 5mb.  The game included a level editor, built in cheats, and pitted a group of violently gifted teenagers against zombies, ghouls, ninjas, and occultists.  Weapons were standard items found to increase damage when used to bludgeon, stab, or inflict physical strength in greater amounts on enemies in the assortment of trash cans, knives, ninja stars, trash cans, and even car wheels.  The weapons could also be thrown.  In addition to this, every character could purchase food and items in stores to aid them in their quest.  Some items, such as tattoos gave new moves and new special abilities to the characters.  Decapitation and blood squirting made the game unplayable for many under thirteen.
The game achieved monumental underground success later to be hosted by tucows and was then released as freeware in 2004 following the release of two other games known as Survival Crisis Zombies or ,"Survival Crisis Z," and Zombies Smashers X2.  The games had little success on the market though SCZ went on to become an underground portable hit.  Students at several high schools were found to have the game running in the background from a removable flash drive or usb stick prompting two school districts in San Antonio, TX to ban the executable code from launching entirely.  These districts are known as NISD and NEISD.  The game known as Zombie Smashers X2 is also hand animated but can be purchased at websites like Reflexive for under ten dollars.  The release of this title was not received well and many who loved the first game have given it a bad review as the difficulty, impact range, and controls plagued it for newcomers.   The game is now Shareware.
 After the Ska Studios brand was launched, Zombie Smashers X3 or NINJASTARMAGEDDON was made with the intent to create a new combat system.   This time it became a vehicular installment of zombie killing space based action.  Unfortunately, the game seems reminiscent of it's predecessor's curse.  Leaving the trilogy unappreciated and disappointing to a few.  Though it is the first trilogy of it's kind to catalogue zombies in each consecutive title and still retains an excellent fanbase, the Zombie Smashers trilogy is most likely to remain only that.  The games are in the opinion of most who play them, to be average to above par quality considering the time and budget of Mr. Silva's resources.
Ska Studios and Jamezila has developed for the XBOX arcade a game entitled,"I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1."   To this date, after more than fifteen thousand votes the game holds a five star rating and is free to download to the 360.  It is multiplayer, 720hp ready, and boasts the old school top down shooter based genre with capitol integrity.

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