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It's not really the most original game out. but it's amusing.

2-in-1 Solitaire costs 200 Nintendo Points ($3 AU). The game is basically solitaire. There are two modes; Spider, and Klondike. Klondike is like your average solitaire, where you have to get the piles Ace to King in each suit. Spider requires you to make the Ace to King pile in play, and get all the cards into the piles. The major flaw here is that that's what you would have payed for.
That doesn't necessarily mean it's all bad. The presentation is nice and clean, with the date, battery, and volume listed in the top-right of the top screen at all times. It also tells you how many times and attempts you've played the game that day, and even tells you how long you've been playing, just to prove that you're addicted to it.
The games also have different difficulty levels. In Klondike, hard mode only allows you to put kings on empty piles, when easy let you put any card on them.  In spider, harder difficulty levels mean more piles and more suits. Each game has its own challenge, and it's hard to master both of them.
One thing though, there aren't any options on the game-play besides the difficulty, which means that, no matter what, you have to draw three from the deck in Klondike. Those who like to draw one card aren't able to do that in this game. Also, there's no points or time limit. It's just the number of times you've beaten the game. It's not really competitive at all, especially since there's no multi-player.
But besides that, the game is fun. If you bring a DSi to work and NOT a Windows laptop, this is a fun little game you can put on it just for that. On the DSi Menu, it even tells you how many times you've beaten the game, which is pretty cool, and gives possibilities for developers to make DSi Menu icons that change depending on what you've done in the game.
The game also has a save feature for each mode, so you can pick it up later. They even let you press the POWER button without saving, and it does save! This game is also going to get played a lot. You'll want to keep playing this game until someone tells you not to, because you can't really get sick of solitaire. It's not really the most original game out, but it's amusing to play all the time.

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