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Announced on the 24th of July, 2010, Fairy Wars is the 12.8th game in the Touhou Project. It was released on the August 14, 2010, during Comiket 78. It is a sequel to the Touhou Sangessei manga. 


In his announcement post, ZUN claimed that "Cirno freezes the bullets instead of dodging them".     

Despite Cirno's ability to dodge bullets, 12.8 still stands to be one of the harder games in the series.  

Cirno's danmaku freezing ability while you can set the ability off at any time, it's most effective when it's charged up to 100%, and doesn't work on specific types of attacks (such as fire and lasers) latter in the game. The freeze meter will fill slowly over time but can be filled quickly by killing enemies.  The bullets that are frozen with Cirno's charge attack chain together if they are within distance of other bullets. 

The life system in 12.8 is done away with and replaced with a grading system that is represented by a percentage on the top right of the screen. Dieing subtracts 100%.

Spell Card Medals
Bosses in 12.8 have medals after each of their spell cards.  
  • Gold Medals: You did not bombs, getting a death, or using any freeze attacks during the spell card. 
  • Silver Medals: You used freeze attack but did not die or use any bombs.
  • Red Medal: You died, used a bomb and used your freezing ability. 


  • Fairy Wars was the first danmaku game created by ZUN which will not feature his illustrations. Instead, Makoto Hirasaka, the artist of the Touhou Sangassei manga, provided them.

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