Tourist Trophy 2 or Patch for GT5?

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Running through my old games, I remember I bought this little gem years ago but only played it a few times. 
PD sure has a fetish for things that go "vroom" with motors.   
TT wasn't that bad of a game, sure it only had 4 man races, but that's what you got for PS2 hardware.  The physics were better than GT4 and you could race every track in GT on TT.   
So crotch rocket fans, would you prefer a proper sequel to Tourist Trophy or would you want it as a patch later down for GT5? 
It would be kinda sweet if they released GT5 with bikes at launch though.  >.>

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Hey Kaos, I was just thinking about how awesome it would be if TT made some sort of HD return, then I stumbled upon your thread. I'm planning on getting GT5 in the near future and I think DLC bikes would even further add the value of the game. One can only hope!

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I'd be happy with any of those choices. I'd love to take a virtual BMW bike out for a spin and compare how well they did it compared to the real deal. Not that they'd have MY bike but still...

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