HVS' Gladiator A.D.

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The proper trailer's up. It's not that much different to the older one (actually, I like it much better personally) but, yeah, it's a 2010 title:


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High Voltage Software's other Wii game. That secret IGN game hinted at with the blurry pic a while ago. Interview. Pics:

Random tidbits:

: The concept for Gladiator A.D. is to recreate the brutal fighting and high tension of the gladiatorial arenas of ancient Rome. We are developing a game that is both fast-paced and tactical in nature. A lot of work into the art style as well as the AI systems to make a game that is not only beautiful to look at, but challenging and well-balanced for all skill levels.

Eric: Gladiator A.D. takes strategic combat mechanics and steps it up a notch with an RPG-light twist and more player options. Players take their gladiator into one of history's most brutal blood sports; the Roman Gladiatorial Circuit. After winning enough favor from the crowd, players can challenge the champions for fame, wealth, and in some cases, freedom stand waiting to the victor.

David: Gladiator A.D. is not a traditional 3D fighting game. It's more of a hybrid between 3D Fighting games like Bushido Blade and Boxing games like Fight Night. The action is intense, but the combat is strategic. You need to learn your opponent's weaknesses and think through your attack patterns to succeed. There is no button-mashing here.

Kerry: Our goal is to make the controls intuitive while providing depth to the game mechanics. Customizable weapons, armor and moves give the player a lot of choices of the arsenal to bring into battle. There are quicker, lighter moves that are difficult to block or dodge and slower, heavier moves that will do more damage. A well-timed parry will briefly stun your opponent. There are brutality moves that the player can earn by increasing crowd favor, which plays a big role in a player's victory or defeat.

Kerry: The controls use Wii motions with the Wii remote and nunchuck to initiate an attack. There are six basic attacks: Left, right or overhead, both light and heavy. The player can also block or dodge in any direction.

David: We are taking full advantage of the Wii Remote's motion-sensing capabilities for combat. We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish using just the Wii Remote. That said though, we are currently incorporating the latest version of the Wii MotionPlus firmware and will support it.

David: We are seven months into full production. We have nearly every environment complete and many of our fighters have been modeled, rigged, and animated. As to the specific release date, we are not announcing anything yet but we are very excited and eager to get the games into the hands of the gamers.

Kerry: The game is a lot of fun to play and our current timetable places us at a Q1 2010 release.
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The interview is very lengthy and they have a couple of mp3 files linked in the last page. The game sounds pretty good but don't expect 1:1 sword fighting for this one as it's not made for Motion Plus primarily. I love that they compare it to Bushido Blade, that game's still awesome. I'm also glad to read the camera will be over the shoulder as opposed to the side views we see here. I have to see it in motion to know how excited, if any, I should get though. Note they state they've only been working on it for about 7 months, and it's a Q1 2010 game. So, yeah, it looks rough.

And this still leaves the project they boasted about its many on screen characters unrevealed. They're working on many games for a small studio. Though, I suppose that game may still be Animales De La Muerte re-revealed, it's not like so many people know of it.

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Dear lord, HVS needs to hire new artists very, very badly. Art direction and style in this one are almost worse than The Conduit.

And "MotionPlus tagged on" is a real bummer. But who knows what might change if this is a Q1 2010 game.

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@Al3xand3r: Please start posting threads about specific games in their own forums...even Gladiator A.D. has a wiki page already. Thank you.
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Okay... I doubt it had a page as soon as I had posted it though.

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Meowayne said:
Dear lord, HVS needs to hire new artists very, very badly. Art direction and style in this one are almost ... [more]
I agree. It looks so dull right now.
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Yikes. It looks ugly, but if it's fun, then that's a different story.

Still, HVS hasn't made a single title that's impressed me.

But I guess it's too early to judge the Conduit (since it's not out) and this, since this is only the first showing.

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I really like the character designs. I also really like the textures on the armor and such.

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Makes me want a Wii.  Sounds like an awesome game.  Fight Night with gladiators has been begging to be made now that I've read the idea.

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There are so few Gladiator games out there. I really enjoyed Colosseum despite it having iffy mechanics, and have wanted a sequel to it. This may be what I was looking for.
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When the hell did High Voltage get the time to try to become the hardcore savior of the Wii? Between this, The Grinder and The Conduit, they apparently are trying they damnedest to get a legitimate hit on the system.

Also: you watch many gladiator movies, Billy?

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I'm stoked. I love Roman Gladiators, and now I feel the need to find a copy of Shadow of Rome and Colosseum (a game which name had eluded me until recently).

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I'm quite surprised no company has dug deeper into the whole gladiator concept for a game. There are only very few gladiator games. You would think their would be tons like their are with Pirate games and such.

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Yeah, doesn't look as great as it should be, but they still have tons of time to polish it up. Hope they really do improve the animations, they looked pretty stiff.

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I think that trailer looks terrible, the historical announcer is hilarious, and the gameplay looks a lot more shallow than I was expecting.  I was hoping for Fight Night/UFC realism and precision (as in you can be killed by a single strike, not that hacking away and blood flying everywhere stuff).  Here's to hoping that's not what the game will be like.

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Personally, I'm not to fond of the visual style. Everything looks far too shiny, in my opinion and it makes it look like the characters and environments are completely made from polished metal. It could turn out to be decent, but at the moment, I'm not too interested in this.

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The proper trailer's up. It's not that much different to the older one (actually, I like it much better personally) but, yeah, it's a 2010 title:


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MUCH, much better now. Improvement can still be used, but still nice to see something better than the old trailer.

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It looks like a clunky low budget exploitative Soul Calibur to me.

I'm going to out and say it.  I fucking hate games that have excessive gore just to garner attention.  It's fucking retarded and the trend should have ended in the 90's...

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It looks more like Punch-Out!! than Soul Calibur to me, and not more low budget or clunky than any game that's got many more development months left to go. What makes it look so low budget to you? That we only see a few different characters instead of 20? Well, it's not getting released tommorow. Or that the graphics include some of the most detailed character models on the Wii? All I see that needs real improvement from the few things we have seen is the animations and the eye-searing bloom, but I'm confident they're aware of both issues.

The gameplay, well I have no idea, it's not like I played it, but they have the right games to take inspiration from so hopefully they'll get it right by release day. It certainly doesn't sound like a conventional beat 'em up title in order to compare it to Soul Calibur just because it has weapons.

I'm not saying it's not low budget mind you. Just not in the sense you mean it. It's low budget because High Voltage is an independent studio (though quite large, with like 150 members) and the game doesn't yet have a publisher so it's basically self funded, just like The Conduit was until very close to its development's completion. It doesn't have the budget of high profile releases from large corporations, not by a long shot, but it certainly has the same attention their other games do (The Conduit, The Grinder). It's quite promising, imo. I just hope they get it right, fighting systems are quite tough to pull off well when they're not just copying the good old side view type conventional mechanics.
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Diamond said:
It looks like a clunky low budget exploitative Soul Calibur to me.I'm going to out and say it.  I fucking ... [more]
This is actually my general first reaction, really.

Gladiator AD is to Soul Calibur what Mortal Kombat is to Street Fighter.
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Except it's going to play nothing like any of the mentioned titles. Good or bad, it's simply not similar. Not by the trailer, not by their information.

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Al3xand3r said:
Except it's going to play nothing like any of the mentioned titles. Good or bad, it's simply not similar. Not ... [more]
By the trailer it is obviously, maybe not by their information.
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Great in concept, terrible in execution.. I will not get started on the art.. but what I will say is that a game of this type deserves a wealth of research before hand. I can see this game has clearly not. as if a Gladiator would shake his head like that in the face of death. And that Gladiatrix looks like she belongs in a dojo with moves like that.

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Yeah I don't think they're going for historical realism...

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It kind of hurts my eyes, but admittedly, it looks better than the Conduit. There's an art style here, however unoriginal.

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Above all, what sickens me most is seeing that Brad Pitt move from Troy, the one where he jumps into the air and then strikes...


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Destructoid hands-on. Notorious site for hating anything Wii (except for a particular writer) but they actually liked it... And it does sound like a different take on Punch-Out!! as I imagined after all (but no, it's not just reskinned Punch-Out!!).

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