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Tower Wars

If any played castle wars map for warcraft 3 it would remind of what is going on here. The concept was pretty simple in you sent guys to destroy the enemy base. What is interesting is they added Battle points which adds to making sure you kill the units sooner so the enemy doesn't get more battle points. These battle points allow you to upgrade your units you send. You could build defense towers in castle wars too but in tower wars it the main way to shutdown a enemy from getting unit upgrades. As for making more gold per second you need to spend gold and battle points to upgrade one of the three gold mines on the map. Gold allow you to build more towers and upgrade them. So for a chance at winning a game you will need a good balance of gold income and battle points to be able to make it past the enemy towers. The rest of the game is playing to advantages and disadvantages by sending different units or upgrades depending on the enemy type of towers. Overall this game is pretty fun even if multiplayer could use some help.

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