Anyone played this?

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I'm interested to know if it's actually any good.

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@Branwulf: I am seriously considering buying this on instinct. Think I'll regret it?

EDIT: Looks like theres a demo, gonna try it out. You should too!

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My first impression is that it seems like a more user friendly version of Dwarf Fortress. But... not too user friendly.

#4 Posted by Gladiator_Games (535 posts) -

Just bought it, played ten min, said "well there goes $11"

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Got the demo, gonna give it a go later. It sounds interesting

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Ibought it a long time ago. I really like it. There are some things that are pretty weird, but once you figure them out, it's pretty fun! It's one of my "listening to podcast" games. :)

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I almost bought it last night but I heard there's a 20 day demo so I'm trying that instead. It did get me wanting to play some old city building/management games, so I got Startopia on GOG for 6 bucks. Interstate 76 as well but that's another story.

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overall i'm enjoying it. the controls are a bit fiddly and the menus could be a bit more intuitive but it's a nice time waster

its basically dwarf fortress/sim city

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The problem is that its still missing a number of features, so you're basically buying an alpha with the promise of a full game down the road. And with the current sale you're only saving, what, 3 or 4 dollars? Better just to wait and see how it ends up playing once its become feature complete. Kind of disappointing to see this put up on Steam so (relatively) early in its cycle. And just in general I'd really rather not Steam start to go down the road of putting up non completed games up for sale.

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This looks alright. I'll get to trying it at some point down the road.

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Did anyone get the steam version? is it any more complete than the demo?

#12 Posted by zFUBARz (677 posts) -

Not sure if there's a difference, in general the controls are unintuitive as hell. but it is a somewhat friendlier version of dwarf fortress,

I played through all the tutorials and now I understand how it works, I doubt I'd have been able to figure it out without them, If you want a super open concept city builder with some dungeon management built in i'd say give it a shot.

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As most people said: it has a lot of rough edges.. but, hey! if this is your kind of think you gonna enjoy it.

Also it remains me to a more deep Kairosoft's dungeon history, than dwarf fortress.

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A friend of mine started playing it and apparently it is not the most intuitive game, although I think they are having a better time of it the more they play. I sort of want it because I like it when games flip it around like this (playing the village above a dungeon instead of the hero) and because I’ve always wanted to play dwarf fortress (I probably should play that someday regardless)...but I know I’ll check out the demo first before I consider getting the game.

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I've bought it and spent a few hours in it. I've never played Dwarf Fortress, but what what I know about that, this is very much a cross between that, dungeon keeper, and minecraft. I can't see it having the same cult appeal of either though.

So far I've only really done the tutorials, and I have noticed a lot of rough edges too, but I'm sure it'll get patched up soon.

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Yeah I've played about 5 hours today of it. I agree with most everyone else. Reminds me a bit of dwarf fortress but more accessible. You create a town, try to make sure people don't starve, make sure they don't get killed then dig deep and greedily. Apparently you can trade and attract hero citizens. A lot is new since the beta, so I'm not familiar with it. You also have to manage the citizen's happiness too but I haven't had many problems with that yet.

A lot of it is not intuitive at all. So, it can be a bit dense at first. It has a crappy tutorial now , so that helps. But there is also a wiki.

With some patience you'll get the hang of it. Then it can be a lot of fun. Sips from the yogscast did a let's play back in the beta. You might want to check that out to get some of the basics. It's not as convoluted now but all the same principles are in the game, just easier to find and use. Some people are playing towns on Twitch so you can always tune in for one of those if you want to ask more questions.

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@Laxaloot said:

Did anyone get the steam version? is it any more complete than the demo?

Yea I'd like to know if it's a little more polished before I buy it, seems really awesome though from the demo

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I played an early version of it for a while. It's fun, very addictive once you get the hang of it. Thing is, there isn't much of an "end" to it, so I eventually didn't know where was I aiming to and stopped.

sips_ from the Yogscast did a nice "Let's play" of it. Mind you, that was in early developement.

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Towns was showcased at the Bay12 forums in alpha form on June 12 2011 and was released on Desura, for sale, as a beta around November 2011. It's come a long way since then. Dwarf Fortress was the original inspiration.

Here's what it first looked like:

It doesn't have much if anything to do with Minecraft.

Xavi Canal is the original developer and Ben Polgi has been doing the art. Alex Poysky is or was the PR guy.

#20 Posted by Hungry (169 posts) -

I like it a lot. This is coming from someone who can "read" Dwarf Fortress very well. It has other things going for it but is still enough like Dwarf Fortress to scratch a similar-but-different itch. So basically if you thought the concept of Dwarf Fortress was cool, but was put off by the lack of graphics and the arcane control scheme, you should probably at least try it out.

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I played a bit of it but I have to say that I do not really like it all that much. It is not a brick wall like Dwarf Fortress is but also is not user friendly at all. I would not buy it that is for sure. :P

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Another similar game is Gnomoria. It is also on Desura. It feels more approachable and less clunky compared to Towns. I still prefer Dwarf Fortress.

A tip for Towns, if you dig in to the side of a hill, leave some wall directly below the edges of the level above. Think of it as walls directly below walls. If the bottom isn't solid, things will squeak inside from the outer slopes of whatever hill you dig into.

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yeah I bought it played it for about 20 mins and that was it, not a good way to spend £7

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Wonder with the similarities to the GB favorite of Dwarf Fortress if we will see a quick look for this.

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Im thinking about getting it, i have had a fascination with dwarf fortress since watching Vinny, Drew, and Dave play it but i cant quite wrap my head around all its complexities and the simple art so im hoping i might be able to get into this.

Update: I bought it on a whim, after playing through the tutorials im really liking it and will start a real game tomorrow. Some things need improvement but theirs something satisfying about it thats for sure. I love queuing up a bunch of tasks and then unpausing it and watching all the stuff happen lol.

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Anyone play it recently? I know a video I watched a while back - I believe it was a vid-podcast run by Totalbiscuit - said it was a game that wasn't finished and it showed. However, other sources have said it's being updated constantly and it feels like a much more complete game.

This feels like the perfect type of game to play during my down-time at work, and was wondering if any one has anything positive to say that it's worht the $14.99 asking price. If so, I'll most likely pick it up for this weekend's shifts.

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