Toy Soldiers: Cold War DLC Released.

#1 Posted by IIGrayFoxII (335 posts) -

Well this went totally under the radar. I didn't notice until I lost my S Rank in the game. Shacknews has an article on it. It is two new mini campaigns, "Evil Empire" and "Napalm". Each cost 400 Microsoft points. Both bring new survival modes, units, weapons and achievements.

#2 Posted by dabobsta (34 posts) -

I never got the original game. Would you recommend it to a casual RTS fan?

#3 Posted by IIGrayFoxII (335 posts) -
@dabobsta: Yes definitely. It is specifically a Tower Defense game. It does have the ability to do a wave rewind as well, so it is pretty forgivable for the casual fan. You can download the trial and see for yourself.
#4 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

I'm getting this now. Just for the Evil Empire campaign. For comrade Stalin!

#5 Posted by IIGrayFoxII (335 posts) -
@TheDudeOfGaming: Share your thoughts here on it after you have played it. I won't be able to check it out until tomorrow.
#6 Posted by AgnosticJesus (547 posts) -

I saw this in the marketplace a couple weeks ago. It's a good game, too bad they didn't push the DLC at all.

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