ki11tank's Toy Soldiers: Cold War (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Only fifteen bucks!

For fifteen dollars folks... fifteen dollars on release this game offers quite the sizable package. For an arcade release this game is for lack of a better word bangin'.

TS: Cold War offers up a bountiful amount of 80's throwback and charm. Rambo references, Top Gun jackets and sounds of the 80's galore. Now that may sound cheesy but they picked the most delightfully memorable bits, not the parachute pants and house clock necklaces.

The game play is that of the previous TS arcade releases leaving most of it's challenge in good ole' tower defense. TS:CD is one of the best realized tower defense games with actual third person control possibly ever. I realize that might not be a very long list of games but I found this very refreshing and added a level of depth not often found in tower defense games. Using all the same units and glorious macho man 80's style you can also participate in mini games, versus, and survival mode which will undoubtedly offer up many hours of replay ability. I've beaten the game and earned about 3/4 of the achievements and that has put me at about 12 hours of game play.

Classic style wave tower defense, 3rd person action, tanks, choppers, jets, 80's nostalgia and fun achievements all for $15 makes this a must buy if of course tower defense is in your area of interest at all.

UPDATE: Got my S rank! And it's still easily worth $15.

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