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Toy Soldiers is a World War ONE themed tower defense game for anyone who used to or still does play with little green army men.  
1200 Microsoft points
First off the art style in this game I think is very well done it puts you on a  tabletop gaming board for your battles in which you can see lamps and paints hobby supplies on the borders. Similar to the army men games of old however the actual battle map is modeled after real WWI battlefields unlike army men.Getting new units feels like getting a new toy out of a box.There is a showcase where you can just browse units and read humorous descriptions such as BOOM! Loading screens are much like real boxes of soldiers hobby shops have. 
Since this is a tower defense game you will be putting an assortment of units on the map varying from machine gunners to howitzers, on pre determined blocks however limiting the amount of towers you can have furthermore there are big blocks for artillery and little ones for machine gun nests and flamethrower types. The only way to get more is to blow up enemy units on the which some levels contain. The goal here is to hold on to as many base points as you can outlasting a set number of waves of enemies which vary from infantry (heavy and light), cavalry, cannons, tanks, and various aircraft .   


One thing that sets this game apart from other TD games aside from the artsyle is you can at any time take direct control of any of your towers making them much more effective. Not only towers but as you progress you will have access to various tanks and aircraft of the era you can use to take out units and enemy positions so you can create more towers. Bosses in the game take the form of GIGANTIC vehicles that usually required a certain amount of a specific tower to destroy they might get you the first time but you will quickly see what kind of tower that is the next. Unfortunately dying at bosses makes you complete the level over from the first wave.  
This game does have multiplayer it has the same basic formula except you have to create units (fast, medium, or slow) in addition to regular tower building . However these matches seem to boil down to whoever can use their tank more effectively as you get one at the start on most levels and can direct control it and destroy towers from across the map. This is a bonus tho if you are looking for a little more toy soldiers after campaigning.
Collectibles / Bonus: 
Purchase unlocks a 1917 Gas Mask for your avatar 
Beating the campaign unlocks a german picklehaube helmet for your avatar 
Also unlocks the German campaign and elite difficulty setting* 
        * Elite difficulty shuts down the auto fire of your towers so you can only kill units by directly controlling a tower   
There is also a chest full collectibles you fill with WWI army supplies like rations and smokes, you fill it up by completing a bonus challenge in each level. one for both campaigns. 
Final Word: 
Toy Soldiers is a tower defense game that lets you take control of the action via towers and vehicles it kept me hooked the entire 4-6 hour campaign of which there are 2and its bonus avatar content makes up for its 1200 microsoft points pricetag in my opinion as very few games have avatar rewards.

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Posted by fishmicmuffin

I liked the mass effect reference in the title. Good review, I may have to check this one out.

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