Genuinely good or just good for a licensed kids game?

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Anyone have an opinion on it? A deal is probably coming up on Amazon for it in a bit and I'm curious about since people were pretty up on it in the previews. The review kind of run the gamut between good and fair so I'm wondering if it's only good in context of what kind of game it is. It's probably going to be 15 bucks so no big deal if I get it and I'm not into it. 

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I personally feel this game is really, really good if you are a kid, and midly entertaining as an adult. My kids loved it, but the gameplay is a bit too simple for me..
Disclaimer: I only rented it for a week.

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Turns out the point was moot as the lighting deal was for the DS version. 

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I picked this game up recently partly because of personal interest and partly because I needed a new game that my son would enjoy watching while I play.
I gotta say, though some of the grindy, casual aspects of the game may not be for everyone I'm pretty surprised at the overall quality of this game. I mean I heard and was expecting a high level of quality, but the graphics, gameplay tightness and variety still surprised me.
(...and yeah, my 2.5 year old, Toy Story lovin' son absolutely loves watching)

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