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As Brock was studying under Professor Ivy, Tracey was brought in as a third traveling companion to Ash. Like Ash, his last name reflects what his goal is, as he is an artist who documents Pokémon and their behaviors via illustration.

Tracey has three Pokémon, all of which appear in Pokémon Puzzle League (his sole video game appearance): Marill, Venonat, and Scyther. Marill and Venonat, due to their exceptional hearing and sight, respectively, are often used for reconnaissance or rescue missions; Scyther normally serves no secondary purpose, but is a much more brutal fighter than the other two.

Tracey currently lives in Pallet Town, studying with Professor Oak. Many (real world) years after he'd left the active party, his Marill parented an egg; the resulting Azurill was given to Misty.

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