Quick Look: TrackMania United Forever

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Your car needs only a dominoshooter attached to the roof.

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I love this game, played it forever. But I am not gonna reinstall it.... If trackmania 2 comes out within the next year I might be ready to put a lot of time into doing some insane tracks! 
Oh and I am glad jeff completed one full curse... I was starting to get frustrated by the end watching.

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I used to play the free one years ago with a couple of friends, some of the tracks absolutely nuts.

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I hadn't seen any Trackmania since Sunrise.  

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This is the track you want

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Agent, u where sent out to an abandoned Facility in Antartica.

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Love this game so much, only ever played the free version though.

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Cher music in the toilet looking track...

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I think it's great that Trackmania still exists and that it's basic package is free 'n all, but if I want to race for 1st place (on PC) I go for this game:

You might prefer other racing games (Forza, rFactor, GT...) - yet, when it comes to beating my own racing time, I like to play F1 2010. Reminds me of Crammond's Formula One Grand Prix. Watching Formula 1 Season 2011 on TV (preferably excellent BBC coverage) doesn't hurt neither. In fact, it helps me understand the real tracks and breaking points better etc. and motivates me to try harder. And for casual racing, there's always Dirt 2 and now Dirt 3 (for me). 
Again, Trackmania is nice - but if you have money and are willing to spend it, why spend it on a subpar, bad controlling, bad physics, bad graphics 10yr old game?
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@Rox360 i have to say the the technical part is to drift right. I know what you mean, i also love small 180 turns and all that jazz, but its nothing compared to a long well times drift started off a jump. 
@patrick Nice up, i love that kind of tracks too. But ppl should note that they are made for only pressing forward, no steering. Its only for showing off from a track maker. I have tried to make one of them, i got 3 jumps in and gave up, they are mad hard and time consuming to make!

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@Grissefar said:
Do you believe in life after love?
you son of a bitch
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@UlquioKani said:
do you believe in life after love?
No, but I do believe in a thing called "love". Just listen to the rhythm of my heart!
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Would you download a car?

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Lol, french music.

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Had no idea what this was before watching but it looks awesome! Definitely raised my interest in Trackmania 2.

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At 0:34, does that say "suburbanallstars.com?" Jeff, you so crazy! 

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Jeff, PLEASE DO GMOD QL! For the lough out loudz!

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"Hey! I'm the first commentator on this Quick Look! Let me say the name of the other guy also commentating!"
"Is this a witty introduction? I'm the other guy, how are you doin', name of first guy who spoke?"
"Pretty good, second commentator! Here's some lame wordplay on the title of the game!"
"Sweet! And here's some lame wordplay of my own!"
And so on.

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@guypussy: If that annoys you, why even come to GB?
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/shout  TNT-MANIA

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I do love this game for no clear reason.
i'll log in after months of not playing, spend 10 minutes shopping for a new car; then probably race only a few times.
But have a lot of fun doing it.
Then I'll make a quick track and uninstall it.

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Awesome game.

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Heh heh, some of those tracks look like the Super Meat Boy of racing stunt puzzle whatever.

Trackmania is a weird game, but it looks awesome.

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most appropriate use of the word -mania in a game's title 

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@buckybit said:

Again, Trackmania is nice - but if you have money and are willing to spend it, why spend it on a subpar, bad controlling, bad physics, bad graphics 10yr old game?

Cause it's fucking insane, and I want to see the developers make more so the community can continue to create crazy shit with it.

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@guypussy: then leave.

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Oh god, I absolutely rofl'd along with Ryan at Cher. Fantastic.

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Some fellow Lithuanian dude, with a silly name at 9:40. Makes me feel joy in my heart :)

Edit: And he came in 5th. nice.

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Fucking fantastic QL.

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This game is great.  Will have to check out Trackmania 2 when it comes out.

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Jeff - "Just get in the damn hole"

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Trackmania it's been a while since i've played one of these.

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This made me laugh so hard.
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This game is pure fun.

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TrackMania is one of only two games I've ever paid $50 for and it was worth every penny. Arcade racing perfection.

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This game is so fucking good.

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That French pop song was awesome.

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This was amazing.

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Why are there badass games like this--that even have free versions--that I've never really heard of?  Why aren't games like these trumpeted from the rooftops?  My fellow gamers are asleep at the controls.
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@Kovski: If you had watched you would realize that Jeff has been playing this game off and on for the past couple of years. He's not just now coming into contact with it.

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I love Trackmania.

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Do you believe in life after love?

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probably won't watch it, but you gotta apperciate the love for Trackmania. it's one of my favorite racing game franchises. still occasionally go online to play some ridiculous ass tracks 

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I really don't think I'm strong enough.

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I've been a huuuuuge fan of Trackmania ever since I mistakenly downloaded the demo for the first game thinking it was one of Konami's Bemani rhythm games back in 2003 (which, yeah, 20/20 hindsight, but in a world where Beatmania, Drummania and Keyboardmania were all real things, it didn't seem that dumb at the time!)

I will always, always love this series.

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Do you believe in life after Trackmania?

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