Quick Look: TrackMania United Forever

#151 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (2049 posts) -

Reminds me of Modnation Racers, but completely insane. Huh.. I wanna play some MNR. Or possibly WipEout.

#152 Posted by MistaSparkle (2283 posts) -

Trackmania is a game I want :D

#153 Posted by core1065 (585 posts) -

Wow I haven't seen Trackmania in a while and yes "I believe in life after love..."

#154 Posted by ZeekDaGeek (270 posts) -

You where warned.

#155 Posted by Hyper_Bunny_Meow (197 posts) -

Would be cool to do a TNT for this game, I know its pc only but we could get lots of us racing at the same time with some of the challanges.

#156 Posted by ky326 (261 posts) -

Why was there a dancing thong lady in the upper left corner of the screen at 5:55 minutes in?

#157 Posted by xMrSunshine (383 posts) -

I fucking lost it when that Cher song started playing.

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@KillyDarko said:

@emem said:

@patrick said:

This is the track you want

Wow, just WOW.. unbelievable.

Holy crap, that was insane :O
I don't understand any of what just happened. All I know is I now own this game.
#159 Posted by bonzaiimonkey (42 posts) -

Oh Trackmania online, why you so awesome?

#160 Posted by NoRemnants (427 posts) -

Oh god I lost it at the end.

#161 Posted by Vexxan (4624 posts) -

Yay Trackmania!

#162 Posted by HistoryInRust (6600 posts) -

"Let's try a different server, here."

#163 Posted by Robes (12 posts) -

This looks a lot like Revolt.

#164 Posted by sparks50 (380 posts) -

@Robes said:

This looks a lot like Revolt.

completely different game, though the open wheel racers in Trackmania does kinda look like RC cars.

#165 Posted by MachoFantastico (5544 posts) -

Amazing game that is still a blast to play. Highly recommend it.

Looking forward to Trackmania 2.

#166 Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious (1679 posts) -

This game is like Portal

#167 Posted by DeeGee (2175 posts) -

@Scrumdidlyumptious: ... what?

#168 Posted by StingingVelvet (594 posts) -

Thanks for doing this Jeff.  Showing off the strange kinds of open platform experiences the PC can offer is a great thing.

#169 Posted by Sprucegrove (12 posts) -

Trackmania is crazy but totally awesome. I love these games and this video made me install it again when I really should study. Darn you, Giant Bomb!

#170 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

I always meant to check this out but never got around to it, after seeing this quick look I will check out the free version

#171 Posted by Longevitous (161 posts) -

Super Meat Boy with cars

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I think you guys should censor the part where we can see Jeff's email.

#173 Posted by Trilogy (2705 posts) -

This reminds me of weird custom KZ and surf maps in Counter strike.

#174 Posted by Desanvium (22 posts) -

This was one of the funniest quick looks ever. I love this game, it's totally insane, and it was awesome to see you guys highlight here on the QL. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Just bloody brilliant.

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HOORAY Trackmania! A racing game with air control! :D
TNT Nations forever!!!!
Oh my goodness when Cher - Believe dropped. awesome.

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There we go, yes, yes, yes, yessss NOOOOOOOOOO

#177 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2454 posts) -

That was great. Trackmania is so weird.

#178 Posted by buzz_killington (3655 posts) -

This seems like a game I could lose this summer to.

#179 Posted by SatelliteOfLove (1379 posts) -

"RPG Tracks"
"Sometimes, they write stories for their tracks"
Good stuff.

#180 Posted by KimParnage (264 posts) -

Trackmania for TNT!

#181 Posted by andygazi (104 posts) -

Pretty sweet game. Wish I heard of it before.  Will be watching those steam sales!

#182 Posted by sissylion (677 posts) -


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They really should have found better tracks to show v.v lol.

EDIT: Apparently I totally didn't even finish it, so I take that back.

#184 Posted by Chadster (334 posts) -

Anyone know the song at 10:52? It sound like French Vampire Weekend or something.

#185 Posted by Xymox (2151 posts) -

cars of STEEEL.

#186 Posted by m0rdr3d (476 posts) -
@patrick said:

                This is the track you want



Wow. Not sure what I just watched.  It's the same feeling I got as a teen watching porn for the first time.
#187 Posted by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

Forgot about the free version of TM, thanks to Jeff as I'm sold on it & playing the free one on steam as well as being curious on the new games for the Trackmania franchise.

#188 Posted by m0rdr3d (476 posts) -
@Babylonian said:


@m0rdr3d said:

Why are there badass games like this--that even have free versions--that I've never really heard of? Why aren't games like these trumpeted from the rooftops? My fellow gamers are asleep at the controls.

I feel corny as hell for even answering that pseudo-rhetorical question, but my non-Whiskey-intern job is at a show called Bytejacker, where each week we introduce three free indie games that fit that exact description! Here's an episode of Free Indie Rapid Fire from last week that I actually got to be in.

The world of indie games is a beautiful thing, man. Don't limit yourself to just the mainstream, console-type dealies, because some of the best stuff out there is also the free-est. <3


Many thanks for the link, sir.  I'm all for some indie games, I sometimes just don't know where to look.
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#190 Posted by JohnnyBarnstorm (17 posts) -
@Chadster said:
Anyone know the song at 10:52? It sound like French Vampire Weekend or something.
I found it!
#191 Posted by dcgc (916 posts) -


#192 Posted by Xymox (2151 posts) -

Just logged into nations and saw that they reset all my progress/medals... Ugh. 

#193 Posted by crithon (3528 posts) -

anyone who isn't playing Trackmania is sad.

#194 Posted by Chadster (334 posts) -
@JohnnyBarnstorm: Thanks!
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Why isn't real racing like this!? Come on NASCAR make it happen.

#196 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2208 posts) -

I love the crazy stuff Jeff gets into. Like he finds the most random stuff and then just follows that crazy rabbit hole into the madness of it. Nice quick look. I hear him a time or two per year talking about it, but it look until this QL for me to check it out!

#197 Posted by VilhelmNielsen (1767 posts) -

Needs more bicycle guns!

#198 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (2019 posts) -

This is one of the best QL's in awhile. This game looks like a fuckin' blast, too. I'm downloading the free version to try it out myself now.

#199 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) -

Oh god, this is not the Trackmania I remember from like five years ago. This is all so weird and brilliant, and I do believe in life after love.

Brilliant QL.

#200 Posted by Tankhammer (65 posts) -

When Cher started playing I literally choked on my ice cream. I'm okay but I was not prepared to laugh so hard just then. It was like getting blind-sided.

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