Additional information required for your order - Phishing or not?

#1 Posted by darkpincer (5 posts) -

I bought TM2 last night and today I received an email (apparently) from GamesPlanet asking for "additional information" or my order would be canceled...

The mail contains a link to a form. The URL goes to a weird sub-domain of GamesPlanet.

I find the whole thing very suspicious. Either this is simply a phishing scam or the Mania-People are using very bad practices in their supposed "anti-fraud".

If it were Steam or BattleNet I wouldn't even think of clicking this link. It would obviously be a phish. But I wouldn't be that surprised that this is a legitimate email from GamesPlanet. Their entire buying and downloading process was sooo weird... It is as if they don't really want you to play :). If it weren't for Jeff telling me every other week how good the game is, I would never have gone through their weird process.

Why are they not just selling the thing on Steam is beyond me...

Anyways, sorry to digress, any of you guys had to fill up some supplemental form AFTER buying the game?

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