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I thought some people might be interested in seeing some of the best players in the world so I decided to post. For people that don't know, TWL0 and Alienware Arena seem to be the most popular tournaments right now. You can find Alienware vod's hereand TWL0 vod's here.

Here's one of my favorite races so far. Two of the best teams in the world:

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I don't understand this as an esport. If I'm going to watch a competitive racing game I'd like to see one where the drivers have to maneuver around each other to make a pass or do a block. Straight time trials just seems like watching track and field or swim races. There is no interaction amongst competitors.

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i think people would just be ramming the shit out of each other all the time, and I just don't think that would work. There's no consequences to hitting someone in a video game, like there are in real life. There's no risk of death and you don't have to pay for damages to your car.

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But you would lose position when you crash. I played about 100 hours of Motorstorm Pacific Rift online so I've gotten pretty close to figuring out the perfect paths for all the tracks. Once you get into the games where only gold level 4s and level 5s are playing you reach a point where 1 crash will drop you out of the top 5 for the rest of the race. Since you level down for poor placement you avoid crashes like the plague. I've been in races where no one crashed and the 8 or 9 people racing all finished within 10 seconds of first.

The game's marketing may give the appearance of encouraging combat but in practise it's better to avoid it. Since the top guys all know the best vehicles for each track and the best paths to choose things can get pretty tight sometimes but they won't attack unless certain they won't wreck. Sometimes 3 or 4 wreck at once and they'll end up as a chase pack hoping for the front group to crash. Anyone crashing twice ends up in the bottom third of the group along with the less experienced players.

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@mosespippy: Yet things like Track and Field Time trials, swimming matches and the like are all on TV semi-regularly and must get at least some viewers.

Not saying that TM2 is the same as these sports, but it doesn't de-legitimize it. Some people must like these kinds of things. Let em do it, if that's what they want.

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