Free Trackmania 2 Canyon for a month, woo!

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So the Danish magazine Gamereactor is offering a free month of Trackmania 2. It seems that all you need to do is go to their site and register: Then click this link to grab your code:;=8b89d80e886ec8e9b7ac4715ba849def And then go here to redeem: Promotion expires the 20th. Here is the original article: Go get 'er!

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Sweet, works for me, thanks so much!

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Oh man I haven't touched this game for months...damn you video games!

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yeah i got 1 month free off eurogamer at the end of last month.

and to be honest... 2 weeks later i think ive had my fill. don't think il buy it.

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Oh, sorry, I made a mistake in the original post. it's the 22nd the promotion expires, so there's still time to get in there and get dudin' on the GiantBomb server.

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