Has anyone made a persona 4 car skin yet?

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If not, why not?!

I just bought TM2 and i'm absolutely loving it but i want a new car! Wheres the best place to get one?

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Maniapark is probably the best place to get extra vehicles. The big issue is that Nadeo made some changes that meant cars can't be easily ported over to TM2 and with everything having to be done from scratch, along with no free version to bring in floods of people, content isn't going be as readily available.

Regarding a Persona 4 car, I've been thinking the same and have looked into making one myself - the main issue being that I really don't like the standard Canyon car and would rather skin a decent custom model.

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a bunch of people have look in the car skins post... well maybe not a bunch, but at least 2.

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