Interest in a new Giant Bomb community server?

#1 Posted by FCDRandy (285 posts) -

Hey crew, I've been playing a little TM2 this week and it's a lot of good fun but seems like the only active servers are for eSports folks in Germany. Although it looks like quite a bit of work to maintain a server, they seem to be pretty cheap ($10 a month), and I might be willing to fund it if there would be enough interest in people coming back to the game to play it! Additionally, I'd need some community help to recreate as best as possible the GBOC, but I figure that shouldn't be too tough to track down the pieces for it.


#2 Posted by TimmyChaw (133 posts) -

Fo sure duder, I just tried to play and i'm sad GB offical classic is gone...

#3 Posted by Lightningproof (127 posts) -

This forum seems kind of dead so it might not be the best place to gauge support for the idea, but I'm totally behind another GB server so long as it's got fast tracks and heavy drops.

#4 Posted by Aviar (498 posts) -

yeah, i've been playing the offline tracks as I haven't found a good server to play on since the GB one went down.

#5 Posted by theoracleofgame (125 posts) -

I'd love to see a new GB wub server. Seems like a lot of work, but I'd happily help.

#6 Posted by fossas (263 posts) -


#7 Posted by shinboy630 (1356 posts) -

I managed to extract a lot of the music from GB Official Classic before the plug-in broke and the server went down, so if this gets going I can supply that.

#8 Posted by TiMToM (5 posts) -

Yes, I would love for this to happen!

#9 Posted by phuzzybunny (175 posts) -

yes please!

#10 Posted by TimmyChaw (133 posts) -

Seems there are still a couple of us here...

Who's gonna do it, lol?

I guess I could put in the work unless someone already runs other servers. If nobody steps up in a week or two, I will look into hosting and start setting everything up, but I will need a hand rounding up the maps and wubwub...

#11 Posted by Kri0s (102 posts) -


New to TM2 , but I did get to play on the official GB server for awhile before it vanished..

#12 Posted by Cypherix (103 posts) -

YES I would love another GB Server :)

#13 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

I'm willing to donate, highly interested, but only if you bring back the playlist of awesomely bad dubstep.

#14 Posted by Faltru (128 posts) -

I'd definitly be interested. I was sad to see the server was gone.

#15 Posted by Draugen (821 posts) -

When the Stadium tile is launched, I'm going back to that game hard.

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