little problem with track mania 2

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im currently using my ps3 controller with motion joy to play trackmania 2 but since tonight, when im trying to use my joystick to turn, it wont work. I checked the option to see if i can see anything i can do but i cant find any option that can help me. Anyone have an idea what is the problem?

inb4 you are using a ps3 controller and other joke like that.

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I had inconsistent results with the PS3 controller, too -- I could only get the analog pad to work. Eventually I broke down and got the remote sensor and now use an xbox360 controller. I know this doesn't solve your problem, but I thought I would commiserate with you.

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@JimFear: I'm using the same setup and occasionally mine reverts to PS1 mode (dpad only) even though motion joy shows Playstation 3 as the selected mode. To fix it I have to open motion joy, make sure Playstation 3 is selected as the mode and press enable to get it working again. Give that a try. It seems to be an issue with motion joy in general, not just Trackmania.

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oh nice now it work when i press the enable button , thx :)

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im having similar problems.

everything works fine except r2 and l2 buttons.

ive made sure everything is enabled. and i kn ow its specific to trackmania because all buttons work fine on my other games. anybody know of a fix? anything would help.

edit: after farting around a bit in both motinjoy and tm canyon, i found a temporary fix - set profile in motionjoy to "playstation 2 (POV, joysticks")

you will need to restart motionjoy and unplug-then re-plug your ps3 controller to get it back to normal (ps3 mode working properly) if you intend on play other games (at least i have to)

hopes this helps anyone with a similar problem

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