The GB server from northern europe?

#1 Posted by Christoffer (2044 posts) -

I'm thinking about getting this game. It look damn fun but I'm mostly interested in playing on the GB server (with, hopefully, some likeminded people in the chat). Is there any northern europeans (like me) that have tried the server? Is there any lag? Or is lag an issue at all on this game?

#2 Posted by Xel (225 posts) -

UK here

Lag doesn't affect the game one bit since there's no collision with other vehicles .

#3 Posted by ZimboDK (863 posts) -

Not an issue at all. You'll see cars jumping around, but with no collision it doesn't really matter. You should probabably have a good download speed though, or you'll miss some of the dubstep!

#4 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Late at night (US time), the crowd usually consists of mostly European players and they consistently dominate the top score spots. I wouldn't worry about lag.

#5 Edited by Christoffer (2044 posts) -

Well, this sounds awesome. But I have yet one more question to any europeans hanging about this forum.

Is there any number of people playing on the GB server on reasonable northern european times (not 11:00 pm to 6:00 am, that is)?

#6 Posted by stalefishies (379 posts) -

Well there are 20 people on right now, so yeah, totally.

#7 Posted by Christoffer (2044 posts) -

Fuck it. I just bought this game. Y'all better stick with me now.

#8 Posted by Christoffer (2044 posts) -

So, already hating everyting about what I've seen, how do I log in? Every time I try to log in using the info on the goddamned account e-mail it says my account is already in use. What am I supposed to do exactly?

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