What type of maps do you find fun?

#1 Posted by kingofpeanuts (563 posts) -

I have been hard at work trying to create good maps and will be releasing a couple shortly, but I want to know what makes a map fun for you.

-How long should it be?

-Max speed vs technical(drifting)

What makes you want to play a map again?


#2 Edited by SharkMan (723 posts) -

lots of jumps, night tracks, and caves; i really like the uneven road tracks, but there are very few of them. I like the wall riding too, but it feels a little weird, loops feel great though.

oh also, if its complete-able without any sort of gimmicky jumps that have to be hit exactly right, i hate a lot of those tracks.

#3 Posted by Stackboy (590 posts) -

I like the ones where the cars go fast and do big jumps. Seriously.

#4 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I prefer maps that are less than 35 seconds long. I like to really perfect my runs on short tracks where everybody's time is within one or two seconds.

What I don't like are long stretches of just straight acceleration at the beginning or end of a map, I don't feel it adds anything extra.

#5 Posted by Airickson (128 posts) -

I enjoy a good technical track where you have to maintain a certain speed to make a jump. But I like the track to be pretty short -- 20-35s only.

#6 Posted by BallsDeep (37 posts) -

I like tracks that are around 30-35 seconds with a decent amount of drifting and 1-2 jumps.

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