TrackMania 2 Stadium Server

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UPDATE 5/1/2016: The server is down for a break. Hop on the Discord to know when it inevitably goes live again.


Come race cars and listen to ridiculous music with us!

Discord server (with synced Trackmania chat)

Song (tier) list

Server status widget

Giant Bomb Unofficial Classic (Stadium)

United States/Illinois

Hosted by Karsh's VPS, managed by Karsh, desperately seeking active admins. If the server goes down, tweet @redcoin! ManiaLink: maniaplanet://#join=gbtm2s

Giant Bomb Official Classic (Stadium)

United States/California

Hosted by, managed by Jeff and Karsh. If the server goes down, blame TrackManiaServer! ManiaLink: maniaplanet://#join=rockdeath2


I post server status updates in this thread and occasionally on Twitter. If something seems off, check the thread, I've probably said something about it.

Discuss the server or post tracks that should be added here.

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Awesome! I'll definitely be playing a bunch of this.

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Sweet! Can't wait to start playing this again. Be sure to get some Cher on there asap.

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Thank you, was hoping something would be made, Europe is filled with too many "fullspeed, super short tracks" with 90 pros there dominating the top 50 bitching about the camera and speed drifts

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I was on another server in based in the USA yesterday that was pretty chill. Everyone just discussing what they're studying in college and stuff. Server admin was really nice and even skipped a track that was deemed "too hard for noobs" once. But obviously this will be my primary play server now. Need to race with my fellow duders.

I'm curious how easy it was to set up a Stadium server. Did you convert any TM1 tracks to TM2 tracks? From what I read it's not all that difficult to get your old TM1 Stadium server converted and switched over to TM2.

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Track request: Get some Suburban All-Stars up in the audio playlist.

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Music will be coming as soon as we have a solid, long-term host. More tracks will be coming at random times right now, I'll have a better solution for track adding implemented tonight.

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I haven't really played TrackMania before, so it was cool having a relaxing environment to learn the game in. Thanks for hosting the server Karsh.

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Playing this for the TNT preshow. There is a room if you want to play your own music.

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Bought it last night, will be on tonight. Thanks, karsh!

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Hopefully Jeff will play this during TNT tonight while whoever is playing Brutal Legend.

Why are they playing Brutal Legend again?

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@coribald said:

Hopefully Jeff will play this during TNT tonight while whoever is playing Brutal Legend.

Why are they playing Brutal Legend again?

Cause it's Double Fine, it just got released on Steam, and it's neat.

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Yes, I spelt "PlayStation" incorrectly in that screenshot. Fucking deal.

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Hey guys, excuse any instability that may or may not be happening right now. The server is using more memory than I had anticipated and it's swapping pretty hard right now.

I'm looking into it but I'm also in class right now, so.. welp!

Also Records-Eyepiece was being kind of a jerk earlier, I'm going to poke it around a bit tonight. It may be causing most (if not all) of the problems I'm having right now. I'll switch back to FufiWidgets if I have to, but then we'd be missing out on TM-Karma and some other cool stuff. We'll see!

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Sorry about the crash, folks!

The server keeps running over my VPS' memory and crashing. I'm going to reduce the player limit to 32 for now, and I'm going to figure out which plugin is leaking so much damn memory (starting to think it's TM-Karma..). If all else fails, I may upgrade my VPS.

Jeff is considering getting a server again, though, so I'll wait and see. For now I'm hunting shitty plugins.

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Played some tonight. Fun times. Thanks for the server.

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Ì would like to say that .2 seconds before the server crashed, I placed 1st on that dirt track.

I think it was a 1 or a 7 in local.

I am quite displeased.

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Daymanstep brought me back.

Good times!

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Server status update: Music's up, tracks have been added, track playlist should save between sessions, server should be a LITTLE more stable. I'll take another swing at resolving that memory leak tomorrow night. Thanks for your patience, duders.

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@karsh: This is truly a world-class Trackmania 2 server experience. I played for a couple hours tonight, and while I crashed every single time the beat dropped in the Call Me Maybe remix, I nearly fell out of my fucking chair when the bass hit in the Persona 4 remix. It's also great that this is the biggest server in North America right now, so there's a constant stream of people who are really angry about the music and/or track selection which is also hilarious. Never change, Giant Bomb Unofficial Classic. Unless you're considering putting up some of the royalty free music we all know and love, that I would be okay with.

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The memory upgrade is quick and painless, but I woke up late and need to drive to class -now-. Once I get on campus I'll put the server back up.

Thanks for your patience.

edit: actually my VPS provider is really cool and is going to get the server running while I'm on the road. should be quick and painless!

edit 2: It's up! And now I have the memory to continue hosting this thing without problems. Hopefully.

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Nvm, found it and had lots of fun!

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Great server. I'd love to see another one pop up in Canyon again. Stadium is fun but I miss drifting.

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I am excited to get back into the mania with all of you fine folks.

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Thanks for getting this server up and running. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was still attracting a decently-sized crowd at 6:30 in the morning when I dropped by, so that gives me hope for more good dubstep racing times in the near future.

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Is the server down at the moment?

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It was, sorry about that. Guess my watchdog script isn't working either.

Coming back up in a second..

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I'm playing as Woodenlung, played the first trackmania quite a bit but been a while. Appreciate the effort with having a server.

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Gotta go fast.

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I managed to get first in the UK on this server, granted it was more my amount of time i played but I shall keep that achievement with me. I WAS ONCE THE BEST IN THE UK.

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This was a hoot last night.

#37 Posted by Mister_V (2088 posts) -

Jumped on for about an hour a while ago. Great server Karsh, thanks for hosting it for us.

Haven't played Trackmania since nations was out. But man it was good to get the old Union Jack car back out.

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Man this server is popular, usually having spectators waiting to drive tonight. @karsh: Is it a case of paying more for more people to play?

#39 Posted by Jothel (1017 posts) -

Please, PLEASE take the Guano Apes song off of the tracklisting

#40 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

Server is full!!

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I've never played this, and I barely know what it is, but I'm going to buy it. And then I'm going to join you fine people on the internet.

#42 Posted by Optix12 (661 posts) -

@killacam:its free for a month or so, i suggest you get used to trying it out before you decide on getting into it.

#43 Posted by killacam (1335 posts) -

@optix12 said:

@killacam:its free for a month or so, i suggest you get used to trying it out before you decide on getting into it.

Oops, already pulled the trigger. But hey, what won't there be to like? Cool racing, hot tunes, the Gerstmann seal of approval.. count me in!

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@killacam: No worries, its not too much money anyway and I am heavily enjoying it so far and mostly playing in the GB server when I can get in so hopefully see you in there.

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@optix12: Yeah! I just built this PC so this is all a new and exciting frontier for me. See you on the tracks!

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The best thing about this being free is that it's free long enough to hold my interest in it until something else I want to play comes along. Still hoping I can experience the OBI-WAN ACTION CAM in person at least once before I stop, though.

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@optix12 said:

Man this server is popular, usually having spectators waiting to drive tonight. @karsh: Is it a case of paying more for more people to play?

Sort of. More players means more memory usage, and in the case of my VPS, that costs money. 50 is the sweet spot where the server doesn't explode after 5 hours of uptime. But with the memory leaks in the current version of TMServer, I may as well reboot every day anyways..

Jeff is now hosting Giant Bomb Official Classic, another 50-man Stadium server. We're going to leave both servers on Stadium for now, but I may switch to Canyon if the Stadium hype dies down and there is enough interest.

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So "WARNING: Turns" on the unofficial classic server had me in tears today. Good job, Trackmania.

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Guys, I played a lot of Trackmania 2 Stadium tonight. Servers are great! Good jobs all around!

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I had to screencap this, because this might have just made Trackmania 2 Stadium my GOTY pretty early in the year. It's going to be incredibly hard to top this.

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