TrackMania 2 Stadium Server

#201 Posted by bibamatt (1089 posts) -

Picked up Stadium for £3.99 yesterday and jumped straight into the Unofficial Classic server. Drove around loops on my own while listening to a Luigi's Mansion dubstep remix and Cher. I love you Giant Bomb.

Can't wait to play more. Are the other Trackmania's well populated by Bombers? Which is busiest at the moment?

#202 Edited by AlMightyBawb (4 posts) -

Awesome, about to jump on!

#203 Edited by mindgarden418 (59 posts) -

I was really happy to see a few folks in Unofficial Classic a day or two ago. Was fun!

#204 Posted by Karsh (155 posts) -

Server crashed at some point. Nobody noticed, including me. Maybe that's a sign that I should retire the server for a while..

.. Nope. Server's back up.

#205 Posted by FauxBen (22 posts) -

I seem to get a mysterious and cryptic "Cannot join server..." error when I try to connect to Giant Bomb Unofficial and only Giant Bomb Unofficial. It worked fine for the friend I was playing with, so I can only assume some goofy setting on my end is screwed up, but I figured I'd toss the issue here to see if you guys had any ideas.

#206 Posted by MattadorD (70 posts) -

Just got this since it was only $5 and I figured I'd get that much enjoyment out of it eventually. But oh man no one is playing this game. It is like it just fell off the face of the Earth.

#207 Posted by Servernode (9 posts) -

Damn. Can't believe that this shut down only days before I really got into TrackMania. Talk about being late to the party.

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