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"Known as transformer in arcades, tranbot is a shooter where you hit a button and transform into a robot, where you get a spreadshot.
Also if you hold the number one button while turning on the game on the master system version, holding throughout the music on the select screen, eventually you get a cheat menu."

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Thats a fairly vague description of this pretty interesting game. In Transbot, you are the only Transot pilot left after the Dalaus invasion. This game is a side scrolling space ship shooter where, if you destroy munition carrying trucks, you could pick up a munition powerup. Once that happens, you can select your desired gun or bonus by doing a roulette style item select. Now if you are unable to beat Transot in the game card format then don't fret. You can't beat the game because there is no programming in this version that supplies a resolution. Most sega game cards have no endings to them.

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add it to the wiki

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add it to the wiki

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