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Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals is a fighting game based off the cartoon of the same name. It was made available for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 on July 12, 2000. The PlayStation version was sold at retail whereas the N64 version was exclusive to Blockbuster as a rental but was later sold there as a used game.


The fighting was a mixture of 2D and 3D, you were able to move around in a circle but you are always locked onto the enemy. Each Transformer had three different modes: Beast mode, Vehicle mode, and Robot mode. While in Robot and Vehicle mode your energy will slowly drain prohibiting your from being able to attack. You must switch to Beast mode to regain your energy. While in Beast mode you have infinite energy.     

Fighting on the battlefield


Differences between the N64 and PlayStation versions

  • Both versions of the game have exclusive characters. The PlayStation version includes: Windrazor, Quickstrike, Rampage and Silverbolt. The Nintendo 64 version includes: Starscream, Waspinator, Airazor, and Terrorsaur.
  • The Playstation version has two different endings, one for the Maximals and one for the Predacons. The Nintendo 64 version has a different ending for each character.
  • The Nintendo 64 version has many different mini-games, the Playstation version does not.
    N64 character selection screen

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