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I was able to go to BotCon over the weekend and they showed a gameplay demo. I watched it twice to see if it was pre recorded but it seemed like it was being played live.

Overall I would say it looks good the fun of War for Cybertron but updated.

First they showed gameplay of Vortex and the first thing I noticed was that the level was a bit less of a hallway as the last game with some little sand box areas to move around in for combats.

Next was gameplay of Bruticus which was pretty awesome, in WfC you only fought the big combining transformers so it was cool to see you would control one. He ripped through the environment and had neat shockwave pulse energy attack thing a flamethrower, and a helicopter blade shield.

After that they showed Grimlock. His gameplay was awesome he uses a sword and had some cool execution moves, and getting to play as space t-rex who breathes fire is just badass and looked fun as shit.

Last they showed Optimus Prime that got me really excited they showed of the Teletraan upgrade store. Basically there's ore guns and you can upgrade the different aspects of them which is good because there was a real lack of weapon variety in WfC , and they showed his special ability to call in an Aerial strike which looked awesome.

All in all I think these guys get what makes Transformers fun even more than Hasbro and i'm excited to see what the multiplayer will be like.

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Glad it looked cool. War for Cybertron is one of my favorite S-Ranks.

#3 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Glad to hear it. The story in WFC was cool but the gameplay and environments were kind of bland. Still excited to see this game in action. Hope to see more variety this time around.

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