If you have the choice, get it on the 360.

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Finally got around to playing the demo after watching the QL and was not very pleased with the graphics. It was all grainy and it all blurs together in this mush of pixels (even the multiplayer menu looked sorta broken). So I went to check it out on my xbox instead and it was like night and day. Ofc, it's not the final version, but I'd highly recommend picking it up on the 360 if you plan on getting it. It's sorta strange really, as I can't remember War looking this bad on the PS3.

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You know how to change the video player o HD right?

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heh, I'm talking about the PS3 demo vs 360 demo, Not the QL itself. Guess the first sentence was sorta poorly worded.

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I will not get it at all. I win. :)

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If you buy the 360 version at Wal-Mart they give you a code to download War for Cybertron.

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What's wrong with the PC version?

Did they port in Shia's face?

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