Nolan North playing an "archeologist" Transformer in FoC.

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GamesRadar recently posted an article titled 15 things you need to know about Transformers Fall of Cybertron. Number 12 reads:

"No, Drake isn't making an appearance on Cybertron. Everyone's favorite actor, Nolan North (who actually played Major Reynolds in the horrible Dark of the Moon game) is going to provide the voice for the Autobot Cliffjumper. When this was brought up, the developers joked that, apparently, part of his mission requires him to recover ancient artifacts, essentially turning him into the robotic version of Nathan Drake. We're personally hoping that his entire level is filled with Uncharted puns and cinematic camera angles, but we're not going to hold our breaths for that."

So Nathan Drake as a robot. Best thing I've heard about FoC since they showed off this mofo:

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Is that Brawl?

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I really hope that his level is just a big parody of the uncharted series. Also anyone else feel that most people are kinda cold on this game? I know that the bomb squad feel that it's not "their" transformers...and also that the previous game was consider a rather bland third person shooter where in the transforming had no place and such.

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