Utterly stuck, 30+ attempts at one section, ch 9 spoilers

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What am I doing wrong? After Starscream raises the shield around him and summons a bunch of Decepticons, I can barely last a minute as Megatron before I just get wiped out. Is there a trick or secret to this part of the game, or a decent strategy that will help me? I'm willing to admit that I am not great at it, I've struggled with other bits as well (Jazz's mid-stage fight and Vortex's part after opening the security doors) but nothing as bad as this, I don't ever feel like I'm learning or getting better at it.

#2 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

I didn't really struggle with that part, the biggest problem are the dudes with the shottys. Maybe you just need to replay an earlier mission and purchase some upgrades or better weapons at the Teletraan1 right before you take the elevator up to Starscream to be better equipped for the enemy waves.

Remember there's lots of healing Energon cubes scattered throughout the area and at least a third of the Decepticons you shoot drop them as well. Make use of Megatron's hover ability to scope out the field when all the boxes are there to cover people and watch out for when the flames start randomly spewing from the pillars.

Good luck

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@TeflonBilly: Thanks for that, upgraded to the second energon boost and did it on the second attempt. Netted a bunch of trophies along the way as well

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