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Secret's Short Reviews #001- Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

When you ultimately get down to it, Fall of Cybertron is an average game whose biggest draw is the atmosphere itself. As a TF fan, I appreciate the love that High Moon put into this game, once you get around it being a game with giant robots, giant robot cities and giant robot dinosaurs, what you are left with is yet another third person shooter game, albeit one that is catering toward Transformers fans. It is worth playing, but to the degree of which you enjoy the game will highly vary. The shooting mechanics themselves are your standard third person variety, but the game really shines with the sheer variety of gameplay. Missions where you play as Optimus Prime are your basic shooter bits, however other characters such as Jazz and Cliffjumper have gameplay that just feels right and offers a nice breath of fresh air. The biggest highlight of this game, by a mile, are the levels in which you play as Grimlock. He feels heavy, sluggish, and outright brutal in the way he moves around and fights, and his stage is the peak of the entire game. The final level is far from shabby, as well, with the various techniques and characters returning for one last climactic battle where you shift from perspective from most of your playable characters through the game. This game is how you should handle multiple characters and playstyles in a video game, all while keeping each style active throughout every moment.


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