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Transformers: The Game

Even though I promised myself that I won’t be playing any game which is made based on a movie, I couldn’t resist when I saw the game Transformers: The Game. The movie Transformers had a great influence on me buying this game, and so is the comic book called Transformers: Generation 2 which I used to read during my school days.

The game is made based on the Transformer movie. Same story base and the game sequences are somewhat similar to the movie. Here you get to play the part where Bumblebee arrives earth earlier than the other Autobots and get into action to find Sam and his glasses. It’ll take you 10 mins at the beginning to realize that this game isn’t any brain play type; it’s rather full of muscles. Obvious, isn’t? All you need to is run to the targeted location and kick some Decepticons ass. You can shoot them down or get involved smashing with your hands. Pressing the action button 4 times gives you a combo which usually takes out the pawn Decepticons. You can pick up anything from the surrounding and through to hit the target. This technique is required when you’re fighting against may match of your Autobots. This is same as when you play the campaigns being a Decepticons.

Yes, both the Decepticons and Autobots have their own campaigns to take part in, but don’t get excited yet! This only doubles the pain of this game. Playing as set machines for different sections of the campaign at least means you have to try everyone out, but when there's barely any noticeable difference between Bumblebee and Optimus (one's a tiny bit faster, one can kill a bit quicker), you know something's not quite right. The Decepticons at least have a bit of variation, what with them not all being automobiles, but the choice between a rubbish helicopter and a pointless robot scorpion doesn’t make too much differences? This was just a way to increase the game’s longevity, nothing very special switching sides.

Speaking of longevity, there are a number of unlockables - movies, artwork and Generation 1 characters. Unless you can be bothered playing through the game, these are best left ignored. Though playing as the true original Optimus is a bit tempting, don't be drawn in - it will punish your very soul. I was in fact very frustrated with the unlocks. Specially the videos. Cut scenes from the movie don’t really make sense after going through so much of pain.

After playing for an hour, you’ll simply get bored of the game. The game environment is terrible, no real intelligence and the game graphic isn’t glitch-less. Throughout the game you’ve have got the police, SWAT, Army tank chasing you and taking Decepticons side. Even if the Decepticons are crushing their units, they will still try to shoot you down. That’s of course if you raise the disturbance meter, which is a bit unfair in terms of this game. I mean how quiet you can stay when you are a giant living machine and at the same time fighting with your social group. No matter how quietly you try to finish your mission, you’ll always end up making a big mess around you. The only good part out of it is that you can though these vehicles to crush or distract the Decepticons. 

The only thing good about this game is its sound. I was surprised to know that the sound director was Steve Joblonski. The same guy who was the sound director of Gears of War 2. Voices of all the characters, Autobots and Decepticons sounded pretty original.

So, that’s it. I felt blissful after I finished the game. Boring, messed, glitched and frustrating. What else you can feel after playing Transformers The Game?


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