Anybody think this game will be a success?

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Im a big transformers fan, back to Gen 1. But I'm a little leery about this game. They seem to be putting alot of emphasis on the multiplayer, and we've seen time and time again that a shitty MP will hurt the singleplayer experience as well.

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it might be better than the other transformers but thats not saying much

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Probably not, but that first trailer was amazing.
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I really hope not.  I think it looks really good (I love that Omega Supreme is one of the bosses), but that doesn't really matter if there's nobody around to play the multiplayer, since it's the focus of the game.  I suspect that it will be a flop.  Might make for a good $20 purchase down the road, though.

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Game looks like a sleeper. Hope it does do well.. Not to sound too much like a fan boy, Jazz Transforms like.. Jazz.. Small thing but I was like "Hey! That's how he does Transform.."

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From playing the demo I think the game will be pretty good. It looked clean and I had fun playing the classes that they allowed. I find it weird that some of you guys are hoping it doesn't do well and are just straight hating. I am dying for a good TF game.

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God I hope so. 

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The demo was a lot of fun. I don't think it will be a big hit though. I will pick it up because it was a lot of fun to play the demo, but I don't think many people feel the same way.

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I cancelled my pre-order. Wasn't ready to commit to buying it. I'm not that into multiplayer, and haven't heard much about the campaign from previews.  
That said, I'll definitely pick it up if it reviews well. Transformers were the crux of my existence when I was a lad. 

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I hope it does.

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I hope the game is quality more than I have hopes for it's financial success. It's weird that they're putting so much focus into the multiplayer & having tooled around with that demo I can say that it was fun but didn't seem to have much staying power. You roll around & shoot stuff, you unlock a few features that makes it easier to avoid being shot, but that's about it. If the multiplayer is going to be the focus of that title then I don't have much hope for the single player portion. Still hoping though!

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The demo had so little of the game to see that all it really did was show that you move and shoot stuff.  I saw a video of someone who got it early and they said the campaign is quite short, saying quote " even if you play through both campaigns on the three difficulties, you would be done in a day".  This was video of a dude talking, no gameplay, no proof he even had the game.  So it might be BS or speculation on his part.  He looked like a day to him literally means he sat in his room all day while growing his neckbeard and playing nonstop, so a day might mean 20+ hours.
The endings to both campaigns are already on youtube, both consist of huge boss battles reminiscent of the Armada game's Tidal Wave encounter.
I think the game will be a success, not a huge breakout hit that will be anyone's game of the year, but it will sell well to the TF fans that game.  They chose a great time to release the game since Botcon (the big TF convention) is this weekend so fans are geared to get some TF action.  The old Armada game was a success too, and it had far less going for it in terms of story and setting.  Optimus was the only original character in it, everyone else was from later series.

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no but it looks good and i want to play it

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The singleplayer's great, don't worry bout it.

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Its weird that absolutely no one has reviewed it yet, I guess that's what happens when your game releases the week after E3.

#17 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12224 posts) -

Well, there's going to be a lot who buy it based solely on the name, but then a lot who WON'T buy it because they'll think it's a crappy licensed game (which it may be, I haven't played it).

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@Ryax: prolly not
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After playing the demo... meh. 
Seems fun for hardcore Transformers fans, but I just didn't have too much fun. It was definitely the best Transformers game I have ever played though.

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@Burns098356GX: So far I think one of the great things about it is that it's the first bit of property to come from this license in many years that actually pays tribute to the G1 stuff. The single player campaign is fairly fast paced and has some fun boss fights and if you enjoy online multiplayer it's got enough options to keep you and friends entertained for a while. I'd say at the very least give it a rental/gamefly it to see what you think. I was really apprehensive about buying it until I played it now I can't seem to put it down. :) Cheers!
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I sure hope it does well since it's probably the most fun I've had reliving my childhood in a long time. My only fear is that if it does go well Activision will rape it to death just like they do everything else. Course the multiplayer is a lot of fun so I won't mind seeing some DLC.

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I think its flying under the radar just enough that people who do play it will overlook the flaws. Its just unpopular enough that people can have a real discussion about its quality without freaks flipping out.

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It was an OK game. I didnt really care about the Deception campaign, it felt like it just dragged on. Other than having no cover system, my biggest complaint was some of the boss fights, especially the last like 2. It was basically drive around in circle, then shoot X-target on body as much as you can before you have to start moving. It was just to common, it seemed like every boss had a similar feel.

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Moderate success for sure. I'd be surprised if it didn't move at least 800 000 copies combined.
It's a SOLID-ASS game, I'm really enjoying it myself. Surprisingly good.

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Yep i think it will for Transformers Fans...Awesome game,im loving every minute of it!
played about 40hours so far... Co op campaign was so much fun! took me and a mate about 12 hours
up to 10.000 plus players on every night im on,always get full game...
Got up to level 18 in Escalation last night was great fun,better then horde mode,gets you moving around all the time
got all 4 classes up to rank 10 and having a killer time doing it!Going to play Competitive Co op tonight!reminds me of WAW
So much packed into this great game...makes MW2 seem like half a game
even better thing is...It's only $59 AUD brand new,puts alot of $110 GAMES to shame

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