Multiplayer a bit too crazy for me.

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So I finished up singleplayer during the weekend (was a blast)  and decided to mess around with the multiplayer to see how the whole transforming aspect plays. If it brings anything new to the table so to speak.
Gotta say that so far it definitely seems to enrich the experience. People are already doing some crazy ass shit. This dude was playing a scientist class in conquest and what he used to do was to stay a distance above and away from the point and when people would come to capture the dude would fly full speed at the point, transform, instantly perform a melee attack and transform back into jet right after flying away. This happens so fast that you don't even notice him transforming out properly since the melee attack jars your screen. kind of an insane melee fly by, was super effective shock tactic. I'm kinda using a more simple and less demanding variation myself: while boosting in car mode transform, stealth, transform back, keep speeding now stealthed.

I don't know if this is the issue only with the PC version because people are using a mouse instead of the analog sticks which the game was destined for but it seems the action is just a bit too fast and too hectic in multiplayer. (at least for my tastes)  Close combat encounters usually become a clusterfuck.
This also makes any lag/latency much more noticeable since everything is happening at a frantic pace.
How are you guys finding the multiplayer experience on console?
Anyone have any cool tips/tricks they use or any advice tactics you could share?

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Well the speed feels fine too me, I wouldn't actually mind it if it was just a hair faster. Try playing one of the larger classes until you get the feel for it. 


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