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A Muffled Voice 4

"THE HEART OF DRAMA HAS ALWAYS BEEN ROOTED IN CLARITY." -Film HulkFilm Hulk said the above quote while explaining why movies were trading away emotional impact for the appearance of being smart, but it also explains Transistor's biggest problem. The heart of Bastion, Supergiant Games's previous release, was its story. And it was a simple story. There were only 4 major characters, and everything except the true purpose of the Bastion was spelled out about halfway through the game, setting up the ...

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If you're willing to work for it, Transistor's engaging world will reward you immensely 4

The playable character, Red.Transistor takes place in the city of Cloudbank, a futuristic utopia that is ever-changing due to the whims of its people. Each person has a say in everything from future public works to the color of the sky--and of course, popular opinion rules the day. For most residents, this is the perfect life, one where the city takes care of all their needs and everything is decided for them. For others, it is an eternal hell devoid of individuality. This group believes the old...

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Half-Empty Canvas 0

(I originally posted this review on my lil' portfolio site but figured I post it here as well for giggles and such)The world of indie development has seen no shortage of great debuts over the last half a dozen or so years but that didn't stop Supergiant Games' 2011 game Bastion from sticking out as a bloody great debut for a lot of people. It showed the team understood how to use art and sound design to paint beautiful and broad emotive strokes and then tie them together with well paced evocativ...

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On Transistor 0

Transistor's natural disadvantage is simply that it exists in the wake of Supergiant's previous title, Bastion - an exceptional and enormously popular game. The good news is that Transistor functions as a solid evolutionary installment of the previous game's core design mechanic: experimentation. Like Bastion before it, Transistor actively encourages idea-implementation and abstract thought. The sheer depth of customization is incredible, but it is also a caveat. This game lacks the snappy acces...

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From the Bench: Transistor - Broken Circuit 0

Transistor is an extremely frustrating game to play through. This isn't because it's particularly difficult - it isn't. Instead, the sense of frustration comes from the sense that it wasted much of its potential. Like the city of Cloudbank it takes place in, Transistor is a game with a lot of great ideas. Unfortunately, those ideas never successfully mesh together, or worse, actively work against each other. The result is a dichotomous game, with every high that pulls you in being followed by a ...

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Once you "get" the game, it's good 0

I didn't like the combat system off the bat, but it really grew on me over the course of the game and I think its the best part of the game.I wish they did more with the non combat side of the game, it felt too linear, there is an environment puzzle at the start of the game then nothing, I think they could have done a lot more with that sort of stuff.Beautiful visual art and music, story is a bit lacking and the ending was a little severe, bravo for going there though.I will definitely buy what...

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Transistor is so damn pretty 0

What is it?Transistor is a tactical, isometric, action, adventure game brought to you by Supergiant Games thecreators of Bastion. GameplayCombat is a big part of this game and the mechanics lend themselves well to this, you can either take a very active and involved approach to the encounters or you can adopt a more tactical approach. When going for the active approach combat goes something like this…Run around - Use different skills on enemies - Run around - RepeatIt isn’t quite as...

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Great Strategic Action: A Bit Different 0

Having played #Bastion I didn't quite know what to expect - safe to say that Transistor is a rather different game, but still well made and enjoyable. Whilst still having an action focus, the game is a lot more strategic and less dependent on twitch skills. The story, whilst interesting didn't quite grab me like bastion. The visuals and sound design are - as you would expect - amazing.Pick this up....

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Finding A Voice in Transistor 0

Transistor, Supergiant Games’ second effort, pits players as Red, a singer who has lost her voice in what is referred to as “The Process”. Gameplay implores a chess-like style of planning and strategizing in a time-frozen field where actions require energy that depletes as you work your way through the enemies. Transistor’s story, like Supergiant’s first game, Bastion, is revealed through a combination of vocal narration and environmental info-dumps.It has been diff...

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Nior in the Machine 0

Supergiant Games second outing may not live up to the high bar set by their first, Bastion, and granted, that's a pretty high bar, but Transistor is no sophomore slump. What Bastion has in wonderment, Transistor has in depth.In Transistor you play as Red, a songstress and newly rendered silent protagonist, aside from a hum. Narrowly saved from death, the savior not so lucky, she sets out with the weapon of her would be demise, the Transistor. Anime sword meets USB stick, the purpose of which yet...

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Transistor fails to be the unqualifed success that Supergiant's previous game was, but succeeds nonetheless. 0

Transistor can't escape comparisons to Bastion. How could it? With their first game, Supergiant Games delivered something that would put most veteran game-studios to shame. A near-perfect blending of storytelling and gameplay with presentation values that became iconic on their own right. For better or for worse, Transistor looks and sounds like the successor to Bastion. However, individual aspects of Supergiant's classic debut and their latest game are comparable, but Transistor feels like it c...

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Challenge to Conquer, Lore to Explore 0

Video Review: Script from video:Transistor is a game that i was really worried about. It’s made by supergiant games, the same studio that created bastion. Bastion was one of those games i had every reason to like, but something didn’t click. I liked the premise, the presentation, and the design (on paper at least) but i couldn’t stand playing the game. My experience with bastion meant that i couldn’t be sure how transistor would...

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Beautiful visuals, a great soundtrack, and an intriguing (but flawed) combat system fails to offset the bad storytelling 0

At first glance, Transistor looks like a sci-fi version of Supergiant Games’ Bastion. With the paint-style graphics, isometric perspective, and the voice of Bastion narrator Logan Cunningham constantly feeding you information about the story, I was a bit worried that Supergiant played it a bit safe with Transistor – sticking to the formula that was successful for them. With Transistor being only their second game, I was also a bit worried that Supergiant would become a sort of one-tr...

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An indie RPG that delivers 0

It was a true pleasure to play through Transistor, a short but potent sci-fi indie RPG. It's undisclosed whether this game is taking place inside a computer system (ala the old CG animated show "Reboot"), if it's some sort of simulation, or if this is simply the future and humans have integrated with technology to the point where the two are inseparable. Regardless, people are disappearing and the world is disintegrating as "The Process", a malicious program, begins wiping the city of CloudBank ...

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