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“GAIN” is an evil organization that has plans for global domination. It knows of six special agents that have special skill in dealing with subjects such as: assassinations, counter-assassinations, demolitions, and espionage. “GAIN” sees these agents as a threat to their plans, but knows that they will never obey them. “GAIN”, however, does know that they can manipulate each one of them individually to have them fight one another. “GAIN” has succeeded in this plan and now every agent sees every other agent as their enemy. The fierce battle between these six special agents is about to begin!


The player can set traps or use projectile weapons on a 3D battlefield in order to kill the enemy. The player has to come up with his own strategy in order to succeed. However, the other player is also attempting to do the same. Each character has a variety of weapons at his/her disposal to reduce their opponents Healer to 0 within the time limit. You can do damage by kicking or punching or attacking with projectile weapons. The player can also collect items and power-ups that appear in the P.O.D.S (Power Object Delivery System). The power-ups can recover health, add bombs, detonators, and traps.


Selectable charactersBackground
Van Raily
Van Raily is a freelance agent suffering from a fatal disease he contracted as a kid. An injection of Cell-147 has kept him alive and was given to him by his sister Rem; she has since ran away. In hope of finding his sister, Van accepts all kinds of seedy work. He uses a handgun in combat.
John Bishous
John Bishous is a bad-tempered police lieutenant looking for his former partner Dyn, who disappeared after an investigation of Gain. He uses a shotgun and has a lot of stamina.
Tico is a robotic spy developed by the CIA. She has simple emotions and was never meant to be able to think on her own and was coerced into joining Gain with the promise of ice cream. Gain plans to copy the Tico unit and mass produce it to kill world leaders. She is capable of firing a homing missile from her butt.
Lou Riche
Lou Riche is a Green Beret. Her parents were killed by Gain when she was young. While spying on Gain, she discovered who exactly killed her parents: Gain executive Elg. Now she seeks only to avenge the death of her parents. Just like Van, Lou fights with a handgun.
Abdoll Relin
Abdoll Relin is a mutant created by Gain using bio-technology and Cell-147, the same compound that is keeping Van alive. She is a vicious killer who hunts her victims down with extreme determination. In battle, Abdoll can shoot her own hands off as a projectile.
Tenrou Ugetsu
Tenrou Ugetsu is a ninja. His village was burned down and his clansmen killed by Gain executive Elg. Just like Lou, Tenrou is out for revenge. He is very fast and can toss many kunai at his opponents.


Trap Gunner has three different play modes.

1) Story (Story Mode)

This is the mode where you will discover the fate of one of 6 characters.

2) VS COM (Computer Battle Mode)

This is the mode where your enemy will be controlled by the computer.

3) VS MAN (A match against a human opponent)

This is the mode where you will fight against another player.


Each stage consists of an environment that is enclosed in a giant square and has multiple levels. This allows each stage to be filled with ramps, stairs, conveyor belts, and bridges. The stages are designed in such a way that they resemble an environment similar to an oil refinery. Each stage will have multiple areas that have an object called P.O.D.S. (Power Object Delivery System) which allow the player to collect power-ups. Trap Gunner has a total of 16 stages that can be configured slightly by adding crates to block paths and to have P.O.D.S. set in different locations.

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