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Trash Panic is a quirky and addictive test of skill 1

Have you ever looked at your trash can and thought, “Wow, that would be a great setting for a video game!”? If you have, then you should probably lay off the games for a while and seek professional help. Or you could fire up your Playstation 3 and prepare to revel in the filthy fun of Trash Panic, the latest in a long line of quirky PSN titles. You also might want to put away any breakable objects since the core gameplay of Trash Panic is as infectious as it is challenging. At first glance, Tras...

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A beautiful fresh orchid... buried under a ton of medical waste. 2

Trash Panic should be my favourite game ever. It's quirky, original, very Japanese and a puzzle game. Even the video trailers make it seem like God's new gift to puzzlers. It isn't until you actually play it that you realise that it could have been even better than you imagined, but in reality a frustrating waste of potential.In Trash Panic you are charged with filling a giant trash can with a set volume of refuse to complete a level and proceed with the game. It is laid out and seems to play li...

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Utter rubbish - both in good ways and bad 0

Trash Panic, also know as 'Gomibako' in its native Japan, is a PlayStation Network puzzler available now for £3.99/$4.99 (who knows exactly where this pricing disparity comes from - certainly not from the current exchange rate). The game can essentially be described as Tetris with a physics engine. A rectangular shaped trash can fills the screen - your borders if you will - and garbage will slowly fall from above one piece at a time into this can. The build up of garbage is gradual and getting ...

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Fans of Tetris should seriously consider it. 0

Trash Panic, a downloadable puzzler for the PS3, is a game about garbage. It's not a big surprise then that it's also completely out of its mind. Made by SCEJ, the guys behind other slightly-crazy games such as Echochrome and Patapon, have on their hands here a game that manages to seamlessly combine Tetris-styled puzzle gameplay with an environmental message.The game follows a classic Tetris mechanic, with objects falling down to be stacked into a vertical column. Things get a little different ...

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Crazy smashing fun 0

This is a game where you smash things in a trash can and then burn them. This is a game where crazy little aliens (or demons, or whatever) give you helpful items if you protect their valuable items. This is a game from Japan.   Trash panic has a steep learning curve.  I have still not beaten the final level on normal mode.  Easy mode is still challenging on the later levels.  The bell ringing challenge level seems impossible to me.  For a game that revolves around smashing trash, there is quite ...

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For 5 bucks, give it a chance. You'll be glad you did. 0

Here’s a little gem I found on the PlayStation Network last week,  It was only 5 dollars, so I said buss it, I’ll give it a chance. I’m glad I did, here’s some thoughts. The Good – Very fun puzzler that’s easy to pick up and play. At the start it almost feels like Tetris, so anybody can pick it up and ‘get it’, but it’s a much different game than that. Let me lay it out a bit, your view is from the inside of a trash can, from the side. Trash is slowly dropping from the top one piece at a time th...

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